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Canadian Government Railways 2977
Canadian National Railways 3377

Whyte System Type: 2-8-2 "Mikado"
Class: S-1-d

Builder: Canadian Locomotive Company, Kingston Works
Date Built: 1919
Builder's Number: 1582

Cylinders (diameter x stroke in inches): 27 x 30
Boiler Pressure (in lbs. per square inch): 180
Diameter of Drive Wheels (in inches): 63
Tractive Effort (in lbs.): 53,115

Tender Capacity:
    Coal (in tons): 17
    Oil (in gallons): Not applicable
    Water (in gallons): 7,200

Weight on Drivers (in lbs.): 277,550 (also reported as 209,970)

Remarks: Has mechanical stoker. Sold to Edaville in September 1961. Engine needs repairs; "jewelry" or certain small parts are missing.

Canadian National Railways 2-8-2 Locomotive No. 3377

History: This locomotive, built as Canadian Government Railways No. 2977 in 1919, was turned out by the Canadian Locomotive Company in Kingston, Ontario, just in time to be relettered Canadian National and renumbered 3377. The engine was quite similar to No. 3254, though two years younger, carried the same cylinder and driver measurements and boiler pressure, and produced the same tractive effort, but because of minor differences was classified by the Canadian National as a Class S-1-d. A typical freight locomotive, No. 3377 featured in later years a mechanical stoker, a superheater, a feedwater heater, and large-capacity air pumps for the braking system, allowing it to haul long main line freight trains. Soon the Canadian National Railways, once equipped with a stable of locomotives of this type, was able to retire a lot of decrepit 4-4-0s and 2-6-0s that it had inherited from predecessor railroads.

The operational history of this locomotive is not known.

Condition: No. 3377 reportedly is in relatively good condition with low mileage since its last overhaul. Most of its "jewelry" is missing, i.e., brass fittings in and outside of the cab including such items as gauges, copper pipes, and the like. Most of this material was deliberately removed before the move from Canada to Bellows Falls, Vermont. The locomotive could be overhauled and placed back in service.

Recommendation: As one of the two "Mikado" type locomotives at Steamtown, this locomotive should be preserved to represent its type. It may also be used in excursion train service.

Canadian National Railways locomotive diagram


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