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Survey of Historic Sites and Buildings

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Soldier and Brave
Survey of Historic Sites and Buildings

C. Other Sites Considered

1. Big Dry Wash Battlefield, Ariz.
2. Camp Verde, Ariz.
3. Cibecue Creek Battlefield, Ariz.
4. Fort Apache, Ariz.
5. Fort Breckinridge (Old Camp Grant), Ariz.
6. Fort Buchanan (Camp Crittenden), Ariz.
7. Fort Defiance, Ariz.
8. Fort Grant (New Camp Grant), Ariz.
9. Fort Lowell, Ariz.
10. Fort McDowell, Ariz.
11. Fort Mohave, Ariz.
12. Fort Whipple, Ariz.
13. Salt River Canyon (Skeleton Cave) Battlefield, Ariz.
14. Skeleton Canyon, Ariz.

15. Benicia Barracks and Arsenal, Calif.
16. Fort Bidwell, Calif.
17. Fort Bragg, Calif.
18. Fort Humboldt, Calif.
19. Fort Jones, Calif.
20. Fort Tejon, Calif.

21. Beecher's Island Battlefield, Colo.
22. Bent's New Fort, Colo.
23. Fort Garland, Colo.
24. Fort Lyon No. 1 (Fort Wise), Colo.
25. Fort Lyon No. 2, Colo.
26. Fort Sedgwick and Julesburg, Colo.
27. Meeker (Nathan C.) Home, Colo.
28. Meeker Massacre Site, Colo.
29. Milk Creek Battlefield, Colo.
30. Summit Springs Battlefield, Colo.

31. Camp Lyon, Idaho
32. Fort Boise (Boise Barracks), Idaho
33. Fort Hall [U.S. Army Post], Idaho

34. Fort Atkinson (Fort Mann), Kans.
35. Fort Dodge, Kans.
36. Fort Harker, Kans.
37. Fort Hays, Kans.
38. Fort Riley, Kans.
39. Fort Wallace, Kans.
40. Highland (Iowa, Sauk, and Fox) Mission, Kans.

41. Birch Coulee Battlefield, Minn.
42. Fort Ridgely and New Ulm, Minn.
43. Lac Qui Parle Mission, Minn.
44. Sibley (Henry Hastings) House, Minn.
45. Wood Lake Battlefield, Minn.

46. Jefferson Barracks, Mo.

47. Fort Assinniboine, Mont.
48. Fort Custer, Mont.
49. Fort Ellis, Mont.
50. Fort Keogh, Mont.
51. Fort Logan, Mont.
52. Fort Missoula, Mont.
53. Fort Shaw, Mont.
54. Lame Deer Battlefield, Mont.
55. Powder River Battlefield, Mont.
56. Rosebud Battlefield, Mont.
57. St. Ignatius Mission, Mont.
58. Wolf Mountain (Tongue River) Battlefield, Mont.

59. Blue Water (Ash Hollow) Battlefield, Nebr.
60. Fort Hartsuff, Nebr.
61. Fort Kearny, Nebr.
62. Fort Omaha, Nebr.
63. War Bonnet (Hat) Creek Battlefield, Nebr.

64. Camp Winfield Scott, Nev.
65. Fort Halleck, Nev.
66. Fort McDermit, Nev.
67. Pyramid Lake Battlefield, Nev.
68. Wovoka ("Jack Wilson") Hut, Nev.

69. Fort Bascom, N. Mex.
70. Fort Craig, N. Mex.
71. Fort Cummings, N. Mex.
72. Fort Fillmore, N. Mex.
73. Fort McRae, N. Mex.
74. Fort Selden, N. Mex.
75. Fort Stanton, N. Mex.
76. Fort Sumner, N. Mex.
77. Fort Wingate, N. Mex.
78. St. Catherine's Indian School, N. Mex.

79. Big Mound Battlefield, N. Dak.
80. Fort Abercrombie, N. Dak.
81. Fort Abraham Lincoln, N. Dak.
82. Fort Buford, N. Dak.
83. Fort Rice, N. Dak.
84. Fort Totten, N. Dak.
85. Fort Yates and Standing Rock Agency, N. Dak.
86. Killdeer Mountain Battlefield, N. Dak.
87. Whitestone Hill Battlefield, N. Dak.

88. Anadarko (Wichita) Agency, Okla.
89. Armstrong Academy, Okla.
90. Camp Supply, Okla.
91. Chilocco Indian School, Okla.
92. Fort Arbuckle, Okla.
93. Fort Cobb, Okla.
94. Fort Reno and Darlington Agency, Okla.
95. Fort Towson, Okla.
96. Park Hill Mission and Cherokee Female Seminary, Okla.
97. Peace-on-the-Plains Site and Soldier Spring Battlefield, Okla.
98. Rush Springs Battlefield, Okla.
99. Skullyville, Fort Coffee, and New Hope Seminary, Okla.
100. Union Mission, Okla.

101. Fort Dalles, Oreg.
102. Fort Harney, Oreg.
103. Fort Hoskins, Oreg.
104. Fort Klamath, Oreg.
105. Fort Lane, Oreg.
106. The Dalles (Wascopam) Mission, Oreg.
107. Willamette (Lee) Mission, Oreg.

108. Fort Meade, N. Dak.
109. Fort Randall, N. Dak.
110. Fort Sisseton, N. Dak.
111. Pine Ridge Agency, N. Dak.
112. Rosebud Agency, N. Dak.
113. Slim Buttes Battlefield, N. Dak.

114. Adobe Walls Battlefield, Tex.
115. Camp Cooper, Tex.
116. Camp Hudson, Tex.
117. Camp Verde, Tex.
118. Fort Bliss, Tex.
119. Fort Chadbourne, Tex.
120. Fort Clark, Tex.
121. Fort Duncan, Tex.
122. Fort Griffin, Tex.
124. Fort Lancaster, Tex.
124. Fort McIntosh, Tex.
125. Fort McKavett, Tex.
126. Fort Phantom Hill, Tex.
127. Fort Stockton, Tex.
128. Fort Terrett, Tex.
129. Palo Duro Canyon Battlefield, Tex.
130. Tinaja de las Palmas Battle Site, Tex.

131. Cove Fort, Utah
132. Fort Deseret, Utah
133. Gunnison Massacre Site, Utah

134. Fort Simcoe, Wash.
135. Fort Steilacoom, Wash.
136. Fort Walla Walla, Wash.
137. Four Lakes Battlefield, Wash.
138. Spokane Plain Battlefield, Wash.
139. Steptoe Battlefield, Wash.
140. Tshimakain Mission, Wash.

141. Dull Knife Battlefield, Wyo.
142. Fort Bridger, Wyo.
143. Fort Casper and Platte Bridge Fight Site, Wyo.
144. Fort Fetterman, Wyo.
145. Fort Fred Steele, Wyo.
146. Fort Reno (Fort Connor), Wyo.
147. Fort Washakie, Wyo.
148. Grattan Fight Site, Wyo.

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