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Research and Education
in the National Parks




Part I

Part II


National Park Service
Research and Education in the National Parks
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Part I


Guided trips
Auto caravans
Nature trails
Historic trails
Exhibits in place
Wild-flower displays
Wild-life displays
Lectures—camp-fire talks
Museums and observation stations
     Grand Canyon
     Crater Lake
     Rocky Mountain
     Mesa Verde
     Mount Rainier
     National monuments
Nature notes and trail-side notes
Yosemite School of Field Natural History
Yosemite Junior Nature School
College and university field classes

Part II


Developments' in the parks
Committee on Study of Educational Problems in National Parks
National Park Service Educational Advisory Board joins in program
Branch of Research and Education is established
How the Branch of Research and Education operates
Field headquarters


Selected bibliography of articles relating to educational work in national parks
National park publications of scientific nature sold by the Superitendent of Documents
Increase in use of park educational facilities by the visiting public as compared with increase in total park attendance
Use of park educational facilities by the visiting public
Summary of current educational activities

Grand Teton NP
Viewed from the valley 7,000 feet below the crest of the range. Giant upheavals within the earth's crust brought this mighty range of mountains into existence. Since then glacial sculpture and stream erosion have been at work shaping the present landscape which makes Grand Teton National Park one of the scenic wonderlands of the world. ©Crandall


0. The lofty Tetons viewed from the valley 7,000 feet below the crest of the range

1. In the midst of a Glacier Park flower garden

2. A nature-guide party in Bryce Canyon National Park

3. Close to the tree line in Rocky Mountain National Park

4. In the flower garden at the foot of Mount Rainier

5. At the brink of Grand Canyon with the park naturalist

6. The auto caravan visits Moro Rock, Sequoia National Park

7. An auto caravan conducted by a ranger naturalist

8. Entrance to the Mammoth Nature Trail in Yellowstone National Park

9. Trail marker in Grand Canyon National Park

10. A seasonal flower display at Yosemite Museum

11. A portion of the Lamar Valley buffalo herd, Yellowstone National Park

12. A lunch counter for bears only, Sequoia National Park

13. An evening around the camp fire in Yellowstone National Park

14. The evening camp-fire talk in Yosemite conducted by the park naturalist

15. Yosemite Museum

16. The Yosemite Indians take part in the naturalist program

17. Mariposa Grove Museum in Yosemite National Park

18. Fishing Bridge Museum

19. The outdoor lecture amphitheatre at Fishing Bridge Museum, Yellowstone National Park

20. The small trail-side shrine at Obsidian Cliff, Yellowstone National Park

21. On the parapet of Yavapai Station, Grand Canyon National Park

22. The "formations column" showing the succession of rocks in the Grand Canyon

23. Footprints of 4-footed animals preserved in the rocks of the canyon walls

24. Crater Lake and Sinnott Memorial as viewed from the rim

25. A view of the Rocky Mountain Front Range from Estes Park

26. Archeological Museum at Mesa Verde National Park

27. One of the cliff dwellings at Montezuma Castle National Monument

28. An interior view of the Yosemite Museum Library

29. An interior view of the Fishing Bridge Museum

30. The Yosemite School of Field Natural History

31. A large labeled photograph which serves to orient the visitor

32. The Yosemite Museum serves as a laboratory for university field classes

33. The small natural history museum in Zion Canyon National Park

34. Magnificent mountain scenery in the wilderness of Glacier National Park

35. A naturalist telling the story of Yosemite Valley

36. A group of tourists visiting Cliff Palace, Mesa Verde National Park

37. A corner in the museum reading room at Mesa Verde National Park

38. Lassen Peak from Manzanita Lake

39. Devil's Tower National Monument

40. A nature guide party in the Temple of Sinawava, Zion National Park

41. Announcement of free Government guide and lecture service

42. The historic Moore House in the Colonial National Monument area

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