The Regional Review

Volume VII - Nos. 1 & 2

July-August, 1941


Dear Editor:

On page 14 of the excellent May-June issue of The Regional Review appears the statement about white-tailed deer, "Where they are protected in State and national parks, they rapidly become tame."

That statement should be supplemented by these facts: Deer are provided with very dangerous hoofs that are almost razor sharp at the edges. Their behavior is unpredictable, so that under any circumstances it is wise to observe a supposedly tame deer at a respectful distance.

During the mating season, any buck deer, no matter how tame he may be during the rest of the year, is an extremely dangerous animal. His hoofs are then supplemented by antlers which can be fatal.

Several years ago, a friend of mine was very seriously gored by a buck deer on his estate in the San Juan Islands. John Diggs, now a field supervisor for the National Park Service still bears the scars of an attack which took place in Pokagon State Park in Indiana in 1930 or 1931. The attack on him occurred immediately after the same buck had killed Jake Bergman, who was then park custodian.

If anyone wants to be photographed with a deer, it is an excellent idea to be on the opposite side of a fence from him.

Herbert Evison
Assistant Supervisor of Recreation
and Land Planning

Dear Editor:

I keep hearing about your Regional Review. Could I get put on your taxpayer's list for same? I used to read it day and night and now I don't see it any more? My Congressman said it'd be O. K. to ask you about it so I'm asking.

I think your national forests are grand but it would be fine if you beautified them now and fixed up the street cars a little comfortabler. Me, when I rough it, I really want it just terribly rough, especially if everything is free and quite comfortable. I guess it's my pioneer stock, yes indeed.

Please send me your R. R. from now on,

Hugh R. Awtrey

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Date: 04-Jul-2002