The Regional Review

Volume VI - Nos. 5 & 6

May-June, 1941

For the Waltonites


A letter from J. Ross Eakin, Superintendent of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park says "Indications are that fishing will be better this year than at any other period since the establishment of the park. All streams open for fishing this year have been stocked".

Superintendent Eakin advises also that since the close of the fishing season last September, a total of 185,000 brook and rainbow trout, weighing 6,310 pounds, have been planted. Almost 45,000 of these were legal size when released and the others were large enough when stocked to attain legal size before the opening of the season.


"As you know, the Sunken Road at Fredericksburg is an historical old road in a slight cut, running along the foot of Marye's Heights. It won fame as the defense position of the Confederate Infantry in the Battle of Fredericksburg in 1862.

"Public contact work has its humorous side as well as its serious, as frequently observed by such questions as 'Is the Sunken Road still sinking?'

"While such a question sounds funny at Fredericksburg, it may be entirely reasonable to a dairyman or farmer in Wisconsin, who lives in the vicinity of a Sunken Road which is still sinking." - Branch Spalding.

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