The Regional Review

Volume VI - Nos. 3 & 4

March-April, 1941

Two Reasons Why ——————

During the past few days we have asked a number of people to outline what they thought the objectives of the REGIONAL REVIEW should be. Although the answers were expressed in many different ways, the general opinion was that the two main objectives of the REVIEW were to keep the personnel in the Service informed on current topics and interesting developments, and to present to those outside the National Park Service a vivid picture of the importance of both National and State Parks and Shrines to the average American.

For this reason, the REGIONAL REVIEW is your magazine. If you have read this far, you are interested in the recreational, historic and the many other broad conservation interests tied in with our state and national parks.

Whether or not you are an official of the National Park Service, the editors wish to extend an invitation to you. We want you to make the REVIEW your medium of expression. Little items about the wildlife, unusual trees or flowers, some new light on an old accepted historic fact - these make your magazine more interesting and increase its value. At the same time such items help you to sell your state and your park to everyone who sees a copy of the REVIEW. And it goes into many offices between the oceans.

Pictures as important. Clear snapshots, showing unusual views, make the magazine colorful and attractive. An old Chinese proverb says "One picture is worth ten thousand words". We do know that one excellent photograph will help to increase interest in your particular subject or in your park.

We should like to see articles, too. If you have a good idea in your system, spill it on paper and send it in. We could sit down to this typewriter and pound out the entire magazine, but if we did, you would find it dull and uninteresting. To be alive and vital and forceful, the REGIONAL REVIEW must express the thoughts and ideas of many people.

So to make your magazine the outstanding success it deserves to be, blow the dust off your typewriter and dig your camera out of the corner. Look around you. Write down the most interesting fact you know about your park or about your particular line of work. If you can, make a picture to illustrate what you say. Make several pictures and you will not have to write so many words.

Send in your efforts and we'll return the compliment with a special REGIONAL REVIEW, which is interesting, readable and important to both you and the Service.

The Regional Review

Vol. VI March-April, 1940 Nos. 3 & 4

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Date: 04-Jul-2002