The Regional Review

Volume IV - No. 2

February, 1940

Transfers and Assignments

Fred Johnston

FRED T. JOHNSTON entered on duty in the regional headquarters this month as Associate Regional Director. He formerly was acting chief of the State Relations Division of the Branch of Recreation, Land Planning and State Cooperation, Washington.

H. S. LADD, formerly Regional Geologist stationed in Richmond, entered on duty this month as Associate Geologist (Civil Service) with the United States Geological Survey, Washington.

ROGERS W. YOUNG, Assistant Research Technician who had been assigned to the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Restoration Project, has been transferred to the Historic Sites Survey with headquarters in Philadelphia. JOHNSTON

FREDERICK L. RATH, Junior Research Technician at Fort Pulaski National Monument, Georgia, has been detailed to Washington for six months for work of the Historic Sites Survey.

A. WILLIAM KANKA, who had been detailed from Washington to Great Smoky Mountains National Park to supervise construction of the administration building there, has entered on duty in the Richmond Office as Assistant Architect.

FRANCIS F. WILSHIN, Junior Research Technician, has been transferred from Vicksburg National Military Park, Mississippi, to Saratoga National Historical Park Project, New York.

Since The Review reported in its December issue the employees who had been assigned to Richmond as a result of the establishment of a regional unit of the Historic American Buildings Survey, the following additional staff members have entered on duty: Major EUGENE BRADBERRY, Architect in Charge; J. L. BURNETT, CARROLL S. RUBIRA and H. J. FURMAN, all Junior Architects; CURTIS O. GREEN, Photographer, and MRS. ISABELLE M. BELLMANN, Assistant Cleric-Stenographer.

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