The Regional Review

Volume III - Nos. 4 & 5

October-November, 1939


LEMUEL M. GARRISON, Ranger at Yosemite National Park, California, has been appointed Superintendent of Hopewell Village National Historic Site, Pennsylvania. He is expected to enter on duty about December 1.

GERALD M. HYDE has been made Inspector in both Tennessee and Kentucky with headquarters at Nashville instead of Frankfort, and DONALD C. HAZLETT is Assistant Inspector for the same territory. The changes in inspectional assignments followed the resignation of C. G. MACKINTOSH, formerly Inspector in Tennessee, who has entered private business.

ALLEN T. EDMUNDS, State Supervisor for the Recreation Study, also has been stationed in Nashville. His territory now embraces Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi and Louisiana.

CARROLL L. WOOD, JR., formerly State Supervisor in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, has entered on duty in the Region One Office as Associate Park Planner.

RALSTON B. LATTIMORE, Assistant Research Technician formerly stationed at Fort Pulaski National Monument, Georgia, has been transferred to the Regional Office.

MAJOR JOSEPH MILLS HANSON, Assistant Research Technician who was assigned to the Regional Office, has been transferred to Petersburg National Military Park, Virginia.

BERNARD L. DOUGLAS, Auditor, has been transferred from Region One to the Region Four (San Francisco) headquarters, and PAUL H. GALLAGHER and FRANK J. KASPAR, Auditors in Region Two (Omaha), have entered on duty in the Richmond Office.

SHERMAN H. BULLIS has been appointed Project Superintendent of the Virginia Waysides.

CLARENCE L. JOHNSON has resigned as Senior Foreman Historian, assigned to Gulf State Park and Fort Morgan, Alabama, to become a member of the faculty of Alabama State Teachers College, Florence.

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