The Regional Review

Volume III - No. 3

September, 1939


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State directors of CCC selection estimate that approximately 215,000 men will be available for the 89,111 vacancies which the Corps will fill at the Beginning of the new (fourteenth) six-month enrollment period. Enrollment of replacements will begin October 1 and end at midnight October 20. Of the total selected, 85,348 will be juniors --- from 17 to 23 years old --- and 3,763 will be war veterans.

The operating program for the new period provides for maintenance of a nationwide total of 1,500 camps to which 300,000 enrollees will be assigned. The current authorized strength includes also 7,500 Indians and 4,000 residents of Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Alaska and the Virgin Islands.

"Reports forwarded to the Office of the Director from the various CCC State Directors of Selection indicate a large surplus of applicants," according to James J. McEntee, Assistant Director of the Corps. "No changes have been made in the eligibility regulations for the October replacement program. To be eligible for selection as a junior, a young man must be an unmarried citizen of the United States between the ages of seventeen and twenty-three, inclusive. He must be unemployed and in need of employment, in good physical condition, of good character and stability of purpose. If he has dependents he must be willing to allot home $22 a month out of his monthly basic cash allowance of $30."

CCC units assigned to the Service in Region One for the new period total 146. Eighty-seven of these will carry forward conservation-recreation programs in state and county parks, and 54 will be at work in national parks and monuments, recreational demonstration areas and other reservations administered by the Service. There will be two park camps in areas of the Tennessee Valley Authority. Three units will continue operations in the Virgin Islands.


Questions asked by parents concerning the status of the CCC with respect to military duty were answered publicly this month by the office of Director Robert Fechner through issuance of a statement pointing out that enrollment in the Corps does not constitute a military commitment.

"The CCC cannot be inducted into the armed service of the United States," said the statement. Should there be an emergency the CCC "could become involved only by act of Congress designating it as a unit of preparedness or of active duty. The CCC accepts voluntary applications for six months' camp work with pay and vocational education, after which the boys are sent back into the general population with a view to jobs in private industry."

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