The Regional Review

Volume III - No. 2

August, 1939


DANIEL B. BEARD has carried on wildlife studies in northeastern and southeastern states and completed a faunal survey of the proposed Everglades National Park since he first entered the Service five years ago as a CCC camp foreman in New York. An alumnus ('30) of Syracuse University, he was born in 1906 in Flushing, New York, the son of the famous boys' leader and naturalist. He now is a member of the Washington staff of the Wildlife Division.

EDWIN L. GREEN, JR., a native of South Carolina, graduated from his state university in 1931 and pursued advanced studies at the University of North Carolina and the University of Tennessee. He entered the Service in 1935, had several assignments in biological research in North Carolina state parks, and was transferred later to Washington as a member of the staff of the Wildlife Division.

RALEIGH C. TAYLOR'S name was not included on this page last month when he contributed an article on the Petersburg Crater. He was born at Ansted, West Virginia, and is a graduate ('31) of the University of Virginia. He entered the Service in 1933 and has been enrollee, research assistant, ranger-historian and junior research technician. He now holds the latter position at Petersburg National Military Park.

FRANK E. WHITEHOUSE entered the Service in June, 1934, with an assignment in a CCC camp in Ohio. He was transferred two years later to the regional office engineering staff and has been on duty in Richmond ever since. Born in Buffalo, he was a student at Ohio State University when America entered the World War. He enlisted in the Navy, was selected for special training at Annapolis and won a commission. He later resumed his college study and received an architectural engineering degree in 1922.

Biographical facts concerning WILLIAM P. BRANDON appeared on this page in Vol. II, No. 5.

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