The Regional Review

Volume III - No. 1

July, 1939


STANLEY W. ABBOTT, a 1929 graduate of Cornell, was for four years Assistant Landscape Architect on the staff of the Westchester County (New York) Park Commission following a briefer period of service with the Finger Lakes State Parks Commission in the same state. His first employment with the Service came in 1934 with the inception of the Blue Ridge Parkway project, of which he now is Acting Superintendent.

TYLER B. KIENER, a civil engineering graduate of the University of Virginia, had engaged in surveying and construction work in a half-dozen states before he entered the Service in 1933. He withdrew in 1935 to become Assistant Director of Virginia State Parks, returning to the Region One office a year later as Associate Engineer. He is a specialist in designing impounding dams.

Biographical notes on CARL P. RUSSELL and THOR BORRESEN already have appeared in this section.

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