The Regional Review

Volume II - No. 6

June, 1939


CCC enrollees

One hundred ninety-seven Civilian Conservation Corps enrollees, most of them Pennsylvanians, stood in formation on a hot Friday afternoon this month in the camp assigned to the National Park Service at Fort Hunt, Virginia (NP-6), and waited expectantly for the arrival of their guests.

Finally, as a line of automobiles moved toward them from the Mount Vernon National Parkway, the youths froze stiffly to attention. A lean, tanned, pleasant-faced gentleman, and a smiling lady dressed in white and carrying a parasol, walked slowly down the line and spoke to seven of the boyish workers. The man, formally attired but bareheaded, paused at the right of the front rank and, to the ever-lasting gratification of Senior Leader John Draganza, 23, of Rochester, Pennsylvania, singled him out for a handshake with George VI, by the Grace of God, of Great Britain, Ireland, and of the British Dominion Beyond the Seas, King, Defender of the Faith, Emperor of India.

King George, escorted by CCC Director Fechner and Company Commander Blair E. Henderson; Queen Elizabeth, escorted by Assistant CCC Director Taylor and Colonel H. McE. Pendleton, and Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt, escorted by A. E. Demaray, the Service's Associate Director, spent nearly 30 minutes inspecting the camp, a barracks building, the messhall and kitchen, the day's a menu, the educational program, and a display of photographs illustrating the work accomplishments of the CCC. The King requested that extensive informational materials be sent to him for study after his return to England.

President Roosevelt, many times a CCC camp guest, did not alight from his car at Fort Hunt. Sir Ronald Lindsay, British Ambassador, and Lady Lindsay, and members of the President's cabinet accompanied the visiting party.

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