The Regional Review

Volume II - No. 6

June, 1939


The Regional Review

Vol. II June, 1939 Number 6


In order to comply with new postal regulations governing the distribution under frank of all governmental bulletins, which become effective July 1, The Regional Review will make a complete revision of its mailing list before issuing its next number.

Affected primarily by that revision will be those readers who are not employees of the National Park Service and who have not made a personal request, in writing, for regular receipt of the monthly issues. Their names must be removed from the list unless a signed request is transmitted to the Service at its regional headquarters in Richmond. Non-employees whose applications for the journal already are in our files need not repeat their requests. Not affected by the new regulations are libraries and educational institutions. They will continue to receive The Review.


With this issue, Vol. II, No. 6, The Review completes its first year in swaddling dress. To jump to other rhetorical figures, next month will mark the date which (a) new-wed partners are wont to describe as the "paper" anniversary, and (b) more pessimistically-minded citizens as the end of the honeymoon.

Thus openly confronted by three metaphors, The Review hastens to be wary of commitments. It readily acknowledges the uncountable errors of its infancy but, seeking to profit the best it may by the weary record of human experience, hesitates discreetly before obligating itself to idealistic reforms. It hopes with the utmost sincerity, however, that it has achieved a few of the improvements for which it has labored, somewhat ineptly perhaps, but with considerable editorial perspiration, since that long past day of 1938 when Vol. I, No. 1 emerged timidly from the awesome chrysalis of the multilith. Meanwhile, it has received a good many encouraging words--so many that it wonders whether adverse critics either fear to offend or disdain to take the pains of citing flagrant sin. Always peaceable by nature, it does not wish to provoke the boisterous clamors of a trouble hunt, yet it wishes to invite each interested reader to feel at liberty to offer any suggestions which he feels may promote its betterment.

In any case, a trifle emboldened but not yet fearless, The Review will appear next month in the more matured habiliments of Volume III with the hope that its new apparel will please its most modish readers. Incidentally, a cumulative index of Volume II is appended to this issue. New volumes are assembled semi-annually for greater ease in reference and binding.


Region III Quarterly, a journal issued by the Santa Fe regional headquarters, will make its debut during the first week of July. Its attractive cover will show the new building occupied by the regional office and there will be illustrations of outstanding areas of the Far West.

The Review is happy to welcome a companion bulletin to its humble editorial pew, and to wish for it a notable longevity devoid of trial and care. --H.R.A.

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