The Regional Review

Volume II - No. 5

May, 1939


HILLORY A. TOLSON has been appointed Regional Director of Region III after having served as Acting Regional Director since January. He formerly was the Service's Chief of Operations.

FRANK M. SETZLER, Head Curator of the Department of Anthropology of the National Museum, has been appointed by Secretary Ickes as a member of the Advisory Board on National Parks, Historic Sites, Buildings and Monuments. Dr. Setzler, leader of Smithsonian Institution archeological expeditions in southwest Texas and in Louisiana, is a specialist in North American archeology with particular regard to the Mississippi Valley and the Big Bend region. His acceptance of the Board appointment brings its membership to 11, the total planned originally.

ORVILLE WRIGHT, who with his brother WILBUR made airplane history on December 17, 1903, at Kill Devil Hill, North Carolina, recently drove unannounced into the grounds of the National Memorial and expressed pleasure at the appearance of that historical monument administered by the Service. He explained that he had business in Virginia and was unable to forego a visit to the scene of his pioneering days.

JESSE D. JENNINGS, Assistant Archeologist who has been Acting Superintendent of Ocmulgee National Monument, Georgia, has been appointed Associate Archeologist at large with headquarters at Tupelo, Mississippi. His duties will include general archeological activities in the South eastern areas.

MANNING C. VOORHIS has entered on duty as Assistant Research Technician assigned to the Regional Office. Formerly a member of the staff of Petersbury National Military Park, he more recently completed his advanced studies at the University of Virginia.

DANIEL T. BLANEY, formerly Inspector in Tennessee, has begun similar duties in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, and GERALD HYDE, formerly in the latter territory, has been made Inspector of Kentucky.

Other approved transfers of Inspectors, which are expected to become effective by July 1, include:

GEORGE W. NOSTRAND, from New York and New Jersey to North Carolina.

J. E. BISHOP, from Virginia to New York and New Jersey.

C. G. MACKINTOSH, from North Carolina to Tennessee.

R. D. BRYANT, from Kentucky to Louisiana and Mississippi.

GRAHAM RUSHTON, from Louisiana and Mississippi to Virginia.

STERLING MYRICK, from Michigan to Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.

EDOUARD N. DUBE, from Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont to Missouri.

GEORGE F. WHITWORTH, from California to New York.

JOHN V. LARKIN, from New York to California.


dedication ceremony

On April 26, 1607, a group selected from the voyagers who had just arrived off Cape Henry aboard the Sarah Constant set foot on the tawny sands of the Virginia shore and gave thanks for their safe journey to a new world. Later they planted a rough wooden cross to mark the site, pushed up river, chose a small island, and there established Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement in America. That struggling village was 13 years and 8 months old when the Pilgrims landed at what is now Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Last April 30, just four days after the 332nd anniversary of the arrival of those pioneers in the Chesapeake, another group gathered on the beach at Cape Henry and witnessed the dedication of a small plot (.23 acre within the Fort Story Reservation) as the First Landing Dune, an outlying unit of Colonial National Historical Park, Yorktown. A commemorative granite cross had been erected at the site by patriots in 1935. On June 15, 1938, Congress authorized transfer of the area from the War Department to the Department of the Interior, and on January 19, 1939, administration was assumed by the Service.

Presiding over the dedicatory ceremonies was Mrs. Frantz Naylor, Speaker of the Assembly of Tidewater Virginia Women and Chairman of the Cape Henry Pilgrimage Committee. Among the speakers were R. Walton Moore, of the Department of State, who represented the President; James H. Price, Governor of Virginia, and Regional Director M. R. Tillotson. Said Mr. Tillotson, who was speaking when the above photograph was made: "I pledge that this outstanding historical site shall be faithfully guarded, carefully protected and forever held sacred."

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