The Regional Review

Volume II - No. 3

March, 1939


HERBERT EVISON, as executive secretary of the National Conference on State Parks, already had inspected, before creation of the CCC, the planning and operation of more than 150 state parks and was familiar with virtually all major national areas. Born in Tarrytown, New York, he lived throughout most of his boyhood in various sections of the Adirondacks. He received his secondary education at Holderness School, Plymouth, New Hampshire, and was awarded his baccalaureate at Trinity College of Connecticut. He was for a dozen years in the magazine and newspaper field in the West where he served also as executive secretary of Washington State's Natural Parks Association. Called into the Service when the national emergency conservation program was launched, he became Regional Officer of Region One during the redistricting of 1936 and, since 1937, has continued his duties as Associate Regional Director. He is a director of the National Conference on State Parks.

STANLEY M. HAWKINS: See The Review, Vol. I, No. 4, inside back cover.

HARRY STEPHEN LADD: See The Review, Vol. II, No. 1, inside back cover.

WILTON PAUL LEDET, born 24 years ago in Louisiana, was assigned in 1937, as a student technician in history, to researches concerned with the migration of the Acadians with particular reference to the Bayou Teche region in which is situated Longfellow-Evangeline State Park. The report of his studies attracted wide attention in newspapers after it had been abstracted for press use. He is a graduate of Tulane University.

RONALD F. LEE, a native of North Dakota, is a Horatio Algerian study in bootstrap ascension. He entered the Service in 1933 as a CCC foreman (history) at Shiloh National Military Park, Tennessee, but was called to Washington the next year to assist in the national historical program made necessary through federal activities in the cooperative development of state, county and metropolitan parks. He served in various capacities in the Branch of History and, last year, became Supervisor of Historic Sites in charge of the entire historical program of the Service. He holds degrees from Chicago and the University of Minnesota.

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