The Regional Review

Volume II - No. 3

March, 1939


Recent legislative developments in the present Congress, which are of particular interest to National Park Service employees of Region One, include new measures providing:

1. For establishment of a National monument on the site of Camp Merritt, New Jersey.

2. For establishment of Samuel Dale National Park, in Lauderdale County, eastern Mississippi.

3. For establishment of Chalmette National Historical Park through extension of the boundaries of the present Chalmette National Battlefield Site, on the left bank of the Mississippi River below New Orleans. Congressman Fernandes of Louisiana, who introduced the measure, gave notification that the state, which recently appropriated $300,000 for land acquisition in the area, is proceeding with appraisals of the properties to be purchased.

4. For acquisition of additional lands for the national military parks, national historical parks, national battlefields and national battlefield sites administered by the Service.

5. For authorizing the Secretary of the Interior to acquire additional land for Antietam National Battlefield Site, Sharpsburg, Maryland.

6. For prohibiting sale, in any public building or park, of any article which purports to be a souvenir of such building or park unless the object is made of material produced or manufactured in the United States.

7. For amending the Blue Ridge Parkway Act of June 30, 1936 by: 1) authorizing extension of the width of the parkway beyond the 200-foot limit where it traverses federal lands or where topographic conditions require it, and, 2) authorizing issuance of revocable permits for rights-of-way across and upon parkway lands.

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Date: 04-Jul-2002