The Regional Review

Volume II - No. 2

February, 1939


Of special interest in Region One are bills introduced in the current session of Congress which propose:

1. Establishment of Green Mountain National Park, Vermont.

2. Addition of certain lands of the Front Royal Quartermaster Depot Military Reservation to Shenandoah National Park, Virginia.

3. Addition of lands to Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania County Battlefields Memorial National Military Park, Virginia.

4. Appropriation of $100,000,000 to locate and construct through the States of Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky and West Virginia and the District of Columbia a highway to be known as the Eastern National Park-to-Park Highway.

5. Appropriation of $100,000 to continue the survey of the Natchez Trace through Louisiana and Texas with a view to constructing the Natchez Trace Parkway along that route.

6. Leasing unused portions of the Fort Hancock Military Reservation to the state of New Jersey for conversion into a public aquatic park and pleasure ground.

7. A permanent Civilian Conservation Corps.

8. Compensation for CCC enrollees injured or killed in the performance of duty.

9. Establishment of the Breaks of Sandy National Park, Virginia and Kentucky.

10. Authorization for the Secretary of the Interior to dispose of Recreational Demonstration Areas.

11. Establishment of Cumberland Gap National Historical Park and the Cumberland National Recreational Area, Tennessee, Kentucky and Virginia.

12. A survey of the old Jackson Military Road and establishment of a national parkway along that route.

13. Authorization of Federal cooperation in acquisition of lands for inclusion in the proposed Fort Frederica National Monument, Georgia.

14. Addition of lands to Vicksburg National Military Park, Mississippi.

15. Authorization of a National Mississippi River Parkway.

16. Paving Glass Mill Road, an approach route leading from Chickamauga, Georgia, to Stotts Mill, Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park, Georgia and Tennessee.

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Date: 04-Jul-2002