The Regional Review

Volume II - No. 1

January, 1939


ROY EDGAR APPLEMAN'S editorial work and book review in this issue are not his first contributions to The Review. (Vol. I, No. 3 pp. 14- 20, and inside back cover).

WILLIAM HENRY CARR, director since 1926 of the Bear Mountain Nature Trails and Trailside Museum, is an assistant curator of the American Museum of Natural History. For the last seven years he has been chief naturalist of Palisades Interstate Park and he formerly was editor of The Camp Naturalist Magazine. He was born 37 years ago on Long Island.

LOUIS FRIEDLANDER had his first appointment as a student technician in the summer of 1937 and was assigned to research at Hopewell Village, in French Creek Recreational Demonstration Area, Pennsylvania. Last summer he was engaged in studies relating to Ocmulgee National Monument, Georgia. Holding degrees from the College of the City of New York and Columbia University, he now is a candidate for a doctorate from the latter institution. He was born in New York City in 1913.

ARTHUR RANDOLPH KELLY, born 38 years ago in Hubbard City, Texas, was assigned by the Smithsonian Institution as archeologist-in-charge when explorations first were begun at Ocmulgee fields, near Macon, in 1933. He entered the Service in May, 1937, as CCC project superintendent, received a Civil Service appointment a few months later as associate archeologist. He now is chief of the Division of Archeologic Sites of the Branch of Historic Sites. He holds degrees from the University of Texas and from Harvard and has taught at those two institutions and at the University of Illinois.

HARRY STEPHEN LADD entered the Service in 1935 as associate geologist. Born in St. Louis on the first day of the last year of last century, he is an alumnus of Washington University and holds two higher degrees from Iowa. He taught geology at Iowa and at Virginia and was a research associate at Rochester. His work has taken him for long periods to South America and to the South Seas.

VIVIAN ROSWELL LUDGATE already has contributed articles on the Statue of Liberty and Mount Katahdin. (Vol. I, Nos. 2 and 3, 15 ff. and p. 3 ff. and inside back cover).

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