The Regional Review

Volume I - No. 6

December, 1938



Acadia National Park, Sea Cruise, 3-6, Nov.

Ackia Battleground National Monument, creation of, 19, Nov.

Admission fees, Fort Marion, 23-24, Oct.

Agreement, Appalachian Trailway, Park Service and Forest, 6, Nov.

Appalachian Trailway, Study, 34, Aug.; Park Service and Forest Service Agreement, 6, Nov.

Appleman, Roy Edgar: A National Military Park for "Old Hickory", 14-20, Sept., Illus.

Appropriations, CCC Rehabilitation Work, 32 Nov.; Recreational Demonstration Areas, requested, 22, Nov.; PWA C&O Canal, 24, Dec.

Archeology, general, 8-10, Aug.; 21, Dec.; Mound State Monument, 30, Oct.; 7-8, Nov.; Southeastern United States, 9-12, July.

Architecture, Park, 9-12, Oct.; Historic American Buildings Survey, 28, Dec.

Arnold, Fred H.: The Biography of a Beetle, 11-14, Aug., Illus.; The New Forestry Manual, 35, Oct.

Azalea, Great Smokies, 18-21, Aug., Illus.


Beard, Daniel B.: Diversity in the Everglades, 23-25, Aug., map.

Beaver, in Shenandoah, 11-13, Nov.

Beetle, Biography of, 11-14, Aug., Illus.

Birds, Great White Heron Refuge planned, 28, Aug.; 19, Nov.

Blue Ridge Parkway, entrance to Smokies, 25-26, Sept.

Borresen, Thor: Report on Spanish Guns and Carriages, 1858-1800. (Reviewed by Joseph Mills Hanson), 29, Dec.

Brunsvold, F.T., Cap.: Making the Junk Pile Pay, 21-24, Sept., Illus.

Buildings Survey, Historic American, catalogue of, 28, Dec.

Bulletin of U.S. Travel Bureau, published, 27, Nov.

Bullock, O.M. Jr.: A Case Against Overhangs, 9-12, Oct.; Illus.


C & O Canal, surveys planned, 29, Oct.; progress, 24, Dec.

Camping, group, 13-20, Oct.; facilities at Crabtree Creek, 22, Oct.; How a State operates organized camps, 11-17, Dec., Illus.; growth of use, 22, Nov.; speech rehabilitation in, 23, Nov.; Cheraw and Kings Mountain, 11-17, Dec.

Cape Hatteras, First National Seashore Preserve, 19-21, July; master plan base map completed, 29, Oct.

Caribou in Maine, 3-5, Sept.

CCC, Education, 22, Dec.; replacements, 22, Dec.; construction, 23, flea.; Fire Control, 28, Nov.; Fish Restocking, 25, Nov.; Salvage and Reclamation, 21-24, Sept.; Great Swamp Fight, 24, July; Mound State Museum, 30, Oct.; new organization, 25, Nov.; Safety Regulations, 29-30, Sept.; Demonstrations, 23, Dec.; storm rehabilitation work, 32, Nov.

Chalmette National Battlefield site, 14-20, Sept.

Cheraw Recreational Demonstration Area, camping at, 11-17, Dec., Illus.

Colonial National Historical Park, addition of Cape Henry Landing Dune, 22, July.

Conservationists, celebrated, 36-37, Oct. Core drill operation, 14-16, Nov.

Cox, Elbert: Winter Encampments of the Revolution, 3-7, Aug.; Illus.

Coyote control, 29, Aug.

Crabtree Creek Recreational Demonstration Area, comment on camping facilities, 22, Oct.

Credo, a park men's, 25, Oct.

Cumberland Gap National Historical Park (Proposed), acquisition plans developing, 25, Sept.; organization completed, 24, Dec.

Cumberland Homesteads Park, new dam completed, 23, Dec.; Illus.


Dam, at Cumberland Homesteads Park completed, 23, Dec.

Day use, a demonstration of, 20-22, Oct.

DeJarnette, J.T. (and Walter B. Jonas): An Archeological Museum for the Average Man", 7-8, Nov., Illus.

DeSoto State Park, Education, 22, Dec.

Drury, Newton, B.: A Park Man's Credo, 25, Oct.


Everglades National Park Project, Diversity in the Everglades, 23-25, Aug.

Evison, Herbert: New Lands for State Parks, 13-16, July, Illus.; Editorial comment on R.A. Walker's "How a State Operates Organized Camps", 17, Dec.


Fire Control, report, 26, Nov.

Fish, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, 21, Aug.; restocking Gilbert Lake SP, 25, Nov.

Flora, Great Smoky Mountains, 18-21, Aug.; 37, Oct.

Forestry, new manual, 29, Sept.; 35, Oct.; Recreational Study, 26-27, Dec.

Fort Boonesborough, report on site, 29, Oct.

Fort Jefferson National Monument, Great White Heron Refuge, 28, August.

Fort Marion National Monument, admission fees, 23-24, Oct.


Geology, core drill operation, 14-16, Nov.; Mammoth Cave, 32, Nov.; rate of cave deposition, 29-30, Aug.; Mammoth Cave Yields New Wonders, 6-10, Dec., Illus.

Gilbert Lake State Park, 25, Nov.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park, fish, 21, Aug.; flora, 18-21, Aug.; game refuge , 25, Aug.; Blue Ridge Parkway entrance, 25-26, Sept.; museum prospectus, 26-27, Sept.; fungi, 37, Oct.

Great White Heron Refuge, development plans, 28, Aug.; 19, Nov.

Guns and carriages, Spanish, report on review ed, 29, Dec.


Hanson, Joseph Mills, Review of Report on Spanish Guns and Carriages, 1686-1800, 29, Dec.

Hatteras, Cape, National Seashore Preserve, 19-21, July; master plan base map completed, 29, Oct.

Hawkins, Stanley, M. (and John I, Neasmith): Group Camping, 1938 Model, 13-20, Oct., Illus.

Hazlett, Donald C., Mammoth Cave Yields New Wonders, 6-10, Dec., Illus.

Hickory Run Recreational Demonstration Area, hunting policy, 31-32, Oct.

Hilgedick, W. C.: The Place of Radio in the National Parks , 9-10, Nov., Illus.

Historic American Buildings Survey, catalogue of measured drawings and photographs, 28, Dec.

Historic Sites, General, redesignation, 8, Nov.; Ackia Battleground, 19, Nov.; Battle of New Orleans, 14-20, Sept.; C&O Canal, 29, Oct.; 24, Dec.; Colonial National Historical Park, 22, July; Fort Boonesborough, 29, Oct.; Fort Jefferson National Monument, 28, Aug.; Fort Marion National Monument, 23-24, Oct.; Great Swamp Fight, 24, July; 18-19, Dec.; Morristown National Historical Park, 3-7, Aug.; Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial, 3-8, Oct.; Pioneer National Monument, 29, Oct.; Route of Johnston's Retreat, 29, Oct.; Salem, 17-18, July; Santa Rosa Island, 19, Nov.; Saratoga, 22, July; 29, Oct.; Statue of Liberty, 15-17, Aug.; 10, Dec.; Virginia Civil War Battlefields, 31, Nov.

History is written in objects, 21, Dec.

Howard William J : The First National Seashore Preserve, 19-21, July, Illus.

Hunting, Recreational Demonstration Areas, 31-32, Oct.


Jackson, William H., pioneer photographer, 16, July.

Jefferson Memorial (Washington) determination of site, 28, Aug.

Jennison, H.M.: Azalea of the Great Smokies, 18-21, Aug., Illus.

Johnston, Fred T., Service Policies governing use of Recreational Demonstration areas, 28-29, Sept.

Jones, Walter B. (and J. T. DeJarnette): An Archeological Museum for the Average Man, 7-8, Nov., Illus.

Jurisdiction, Recreational Demonstration Areas, 31, Oct.


Kahler, Herbert E., How Admission Fees Work at Fort Marion, 23-24, Oct., Illus.

Katahdin, Sentinel of North Woods, 3-5, Sept., Illus.

Kelly, A.R. : The Coordination of Southeastern Archeological Studies, 9-12, July, Illus.

Kennedy, Sidney S.: Progress of the Recreational Study, 7-13, Sept., Illus.

Kings Mountain Recreational Demonstration Area, 11-17, Dec.

King, Willis: Rainbow trout in smokies, 21, Aug.


Ladd, H.S.: A Core Drill-Its Life and Works, 14-16, Nov., Illus.

Laurel Hill Recreational Demonstration Area, report on speech rehabilitation, 23, Nov.

Low Dams, publication to be issued in Dec., 28, Nov.

Ludgate, V.R.: A New Deal for "The Statue", 15- 17, Aug., Illus; Katahdin, Sentinel of the North Woods, 3-5, Sept.


Mammals, beaver, 11-13, Nov.; caribou, 3-5, Sept; coyote control, 29, Aug.

Mammoth Cave National Park, discovery of new passage, 32, Nov.; 6-10, Dec.

Maps, general, 2, July; archeology, 8, 10, July; Everglades, 22, Aug.; Recreational Demonstration Areas, 14, Oct.; 12, Dec.; recreational study, 6, Sept.; Shenandoah, 12, Nov.

McClendon, Robertine K., A Satisfied Customer Speaks, 22, Oct.

Miami Conservancy District Parks, CCC Safety Works, 23, Dec.

Mississippi Parkway (proposed), proposal draft bill authorizing creation of, 31, Nov.

Morristown National Historical Park, Winter Encampments of Revolution, 3-7, Aug.

Mound State Monument, museum construction, 30, Oct.; exhibits, 7-8, Nov.

Mt. Katahdin, description, 3-5, Sept.

Museums, Great Smoky Mountains, 26-27, Sept.; Mound State Monument, 30, Oct.; 7-8, Nov.


National Parks Portfolio, 24, Sept.

National Park Service, acreage, 20, Nov.; administration, 3-5, Dec.; Standards, 20, Nov.; 3-5, Dec.

Naturalist Cruises of Acadia, 3-6 , Nov., Illus.

Neasmith, John I. (and Stanley M. Hawkins): Group Camping-1938 Model, 13-20, Oct., Illus.


Ocmulgee National Monument, archeology, 9-12, July,

Oglethorpe Trail, study, 26, Sept.

"Old Hickory", National Military Park for, 14-20, Sept., Illus.

Ordnance, Report on Spanish Guns and Carriages, 1686-1800 by Thor Borresen (reviewed by Joseph Mills Hanson), 29, Dec., Illus.

Organized camps, How a State operates, 13-16, Dec.; comment on S. C. camps, 17, Dec.; growth of use, 22, Nov.; speech rehabilitation in, 23, Nov.

Overhangs, a case against, 9-12, Oct., Illus.

Overseas Highway, Miami-Key West, 5-7, July.


Park and Recreational Structures, 25-26, Dec.

Park Man's Credo, 25, Oct.

Park Standards, V. H. Shelford on, 20, Nov.

Park Structures, 9-12, Oct.

Parker, Arthur C.: History is Written in Objects, 21, Dec.

Parkways, Blue Ridge, 25-26, Sept.; Overseas, 5-7, July; Mississippi (proposed) 31, Nov.; Oglethorpe Trail, 26, Sept.; Recreational Study, 7-13, Sept.

Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial, War of 1812, 3-8, Oct.

Pioneer National Monument (proposed), report on Fort Boonesborough Site, 29, Oct.

Porter, Charles W.: Echoes of the War of 1812, 3-8, Oct., Illus.; report on Fort Boones borough, 29, Oct.

Publications, American Nature Association, 27, Dec.; Celebrated Conservationists, 36-37, Oct.; Low Dams, 28, Nov.; Monthly Reprints, recreational planning, 28, Nov.; National Parks Portfolio, 24, Sept.; Official Bulletin of the U.S. Travel Bureau, 27, Nov.; Planning Book Series, 33-34, Oct.; travel brochure, 27-28, Nov.; Historic American Building Survey, 28, Dec.; Travel Bureau, 28, Dec.; Park and Recreational Structures, 25-26, Dec.


Radio, 9-10, Nov.

Recreation, Cape Hatteras, 19-21, July; 29, Oct.; Group Camping, 13-20, Oct.; 22, Nov.; Recreational Demonstration Areas, 20-22, Oct.; Recreational Study, 7-13, Sept.; 3-5, Dec.; reprints, 28, Nov.; 26-27, Dec.

Recreation Demonstration Areas, 11-17, Dec.; policies, 28-29, Sept.; appropriations, 22, Nov.; hunting, 31-32, Oct.; camping 22, Nov.; 13-20, Oct.; Crabtree Creek, 22, Oct.; jurisdiction, 31, Oct.; Laurel Hill 23, Nov.; Swift Creek, 20-22, Oct.; Cheraw Recreational Demonstration Area, 11-17, Dec; Kings Mountain Recreational Demonstration Area, 11-17, Dec.

Recreational Study, Progress of, 7-13, Sept., Illus.

Regional Review, objectives of the, 3-4, July.

Richmond National Park Service Association, 23, July; 30, Sept.

Robinson, R.C. : A Successful Demonstration of Day Use, 20-22, Oct.

Russell, Carl P.: Foreword explaining purpose and objectives of Review, 3-4, July; New Horizons, 3-5, Dec.


Salem Maritime National Historic Site, Sea Commerce, 17-18, July.

Santa Rosa Island National Monument (proposed), 19, Nov.

Saratoga National Historical Park, authorization for, 22, July, development program approved, 29, Oct.

Sea commerce, Salem a pioneer in, 17-18, July.

Seashore Preserve, Cape Hatteras, 19-21, July; master plan base map completed, 29, Oct.

Shelford, V.E., opinion on park standards, 20, Nov.

Shenandoah National Park, beaver, 11-13, Nov.

Small, Edwin W.: Salem--A Pioneer in America's Sea Commerce, 17-18, July.

Speech rehabilitation in organized camp, 23, Nov.

State Parks, general, 13-16, July; Gilbert Lake, 25, Nov.; DeSoto, CCC edn, 22, Dec.

Statue of Liberty National Monument, development plans, 15-17, Aug.; reopened, 10, Dec.

Sullivan, Maurice: Naturalist Cruises of Acadia, 3-6, Nov., Illus.

Swift Creek Recreational Demonstration Area, day use, 20-22, Oct.


Taylor, Otis B. : Beaver Along the Shenandoah, 11-13, Nov., map.

Tillotson, Miner R., thumbnail sketch, 17-18, Nov.

Trager, Earl: Rate of Cave Deposition, 29-30, Aug.

Travel, new brochure, 27-28, Nov.; new publication, 27, Nov.; figures, visitors, region one areas, 26, Nov.; bureau sponsors first cruise, 27, Aug.; services described, 28, Dec. Trout in Smokies, 21, Aug.


Vinten, C.R.: A Highway over the Sea, 5-7, July, Illus.


Walker, R.A. : How a State Operates Organized Camps, 11-17, Dec., Illus.

Wildlife, cooperative work, 27, Sept.; census data exchanged, 35-36, Oct.

Winter encampments of Revolution, 3-7, Aug., Illus,

Woodward, Arthur: Archeology - The Scrapbook of History, 8-10, Aug., Illus.


Yellowstone National Park, coyote control, 29, Aug.

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