The Regional Review

Volume I - No. 5

November, 1938


Sixty-eight educational advisers in New England CCC Camps have or organized the First Corps Area Guidance Association. The Association has become a chapter of the National Vocational Guidance Association. In studying the guidance approach the research committee will attempt solution of the following problems:

1. What are the best specific techniques of the interview?

2. What tests shall be included in the ideal testing program for CCC enrollees?

3. Which of the available mechanical aptitude tests is best adapted to CCC enrollees?

4. Intelligence as related to mechanical ability.

5. Intelligence as related to clerical ability.

6. Possible relationship between physical fitness and ability.

7. What follow-up system for discharged enrollees if feasible?

8. How can available opportunities for vocational exploration be better utilized?

CCC-built cabin

Good fishing in Gilbert Lake State Park, Laurens, New York probably will be possible next year as a result of conservation activities of the CCC camp assigned to the area. In the summer of 1935 the enrollees, cooperating with state game authorities took a large number of black bass from an area that was over stocked and released them in Gilbert Lake. Fishing then was prohibited and the plentiful food available has brought an increase in the size and number of the fish. The state ichthyologist recently conducted studies to determine the practicability of an open season in 1939.

* * * *

Director Robert Fechner, of the CCC, was a guest this month of Westmoreland State Park, Baynesville, Virginia. With a party of six, he had luncheon with Company 2352. George Washington Birthplace National Monument also was included in the Virginia visit.

sketch of forests and clouds

* * * *

The CCC camp assigned formerly to Pymatuning State Resrvoir, Westford, Pennsylvania, has begun its new work program after transfer to the Trexler-Lehigh County Game Preserve, near Allentown. Enrollees, supervisory personnel, equipment and materials were transported across the state to reoccupy the area where a previous camp had been at work until last fall. The major feature of the development program will be improvement of a road system designed to permit visitors to observe safely and conveniently the interesting herds of elk, deer, and buffalo which roam over the 1,100 acres of the reservation. The planting of cover also will occupy a part of the energies of the enrollees.

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