The Regional Review

Volume I - No. 4

October, 1938


By Robertine K. McClendon,
Director, Girl Scout Camp,
Crabtree Creek Recreational Demonstration Area, North Carolina.

Crabtree Creek Camp and the Girl Scouts!

"Three cheers for the National Park Service" exactly expresses the feelings that I have at the conclusion of a 7-week period of occupancy of one of the organized group camps in Crabtree Creek Recreational Demonstration Project, halfway between Durham and Raleigh, North Carolina.

From the Girl Scout viewpoint, I suppose that no higher tribute of appreciation could be paid than this--were we building a camp of our own we should want it exactly like Crabtree Creek Camp. The entire site, plan, and buildings showed that theirs was no superficial view of the Girl Scout camping program - but a view arrived at by complete knowledge of the aims and practices of our program. The unit plan and the beauty with which the cabins were placed, the thoroughness of detail from the entrance to the island in the lake - all evidenced care and consideration. The trails throughout the area were an additional enriching factor in our camp life.

We feel most grateful to the Project Manager and his excellent staff for their interest and cooperation in making this first summer of Girl. Scout camping a vital experience for our campers. Next summer where will we camp? At Crabtree, we hope. Why? Because we think it's the best ever!

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Date: 04-Jul-2002