The Underworld of Oregon Caves
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Oregon Caves National Monument is administered by the National Park Service. The Superintendent of Crater Lake National Park is in charge of the Monument. Inquiries or comments about the area should be addressed to him at Crater Lake, Oregon, in the summer, and Box 672, Medford, Oregon 97501, in the winter. (Web Edition Note: Year-round address is now: Superintendent, Oregon Caves National Monument, 19000 Caves Highway, Cave Junction, OR 97523.)

cave visitor
A visit to Oregon Caves in 1912


1. No person shall enter Oregon Caves unless accompanied by an authorized guide.

2. Children under 6 years of age are not permitted in the caves. A nursery is provided.

3. The destruction, injury, defacement or removal of any of the natural features, rocks, plants, or animals in the caves or Monument is prohibited.

4. No canes, umbrellas or sticks of any kind may be taken into the caves.

5. Dogs and cats must be kept under physical control and are not allowed on trails or in the buildings.

6. Careless disposal of trash is prohibited; please use the containers placed nearby.

(Web Edition Note: Cave rules have changed since the publication of this booklet in 1963. Please consult the park's website for current rules and regulations to help plan your visit to Oregon Caves).

Please help keep it clean and undamaged for
those who follow you.

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Last Updated: 10-May-2006