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Organizational Structures of the NPS 1917 to 1985



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Organizational Structure of the National Park Service
- 1917 to 1985 -

Administrative History

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Chart 6: 1928

The alter-ego position was retitled Associate Director. Functional branches were established with Assistants to the Director for Operations, Law, and Lands. Washington B. Lewis, Superintendent of Yosemite, fills the Lands position. A field headquarters shows up on this chart. From all that can be pieced together this was not an actual organization but a hypothetical one to show a separation of the Washington headquarters functions from those functions in the field. Howard Baker recollects that each "Field" function was autonomous and each was in a separate building in the San Francisco, California, Bay area. Forestry was recognized as a function with the creation of an Education and Forestry Branch under Ansel Hall, who was the Chief Forester. John Coffman was hired as the Fire Control expert. He was to remain with the headquarters office until 1951.

Education & Forestry staff
The Education & Forestry staff in Berkeley, California. Front row L to R: Mr. Yeager, Carl Russell, Ansel Hall, Mr. Harwell. Back row L to R: Mr. Brakman, John Coffman, Mr. Bean and Mr. McKee.

Organizational Chart


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