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Organizational Structures of the NPS 1917 to 1985



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Organizational Structure of the National Park Service
- 1917 to 1985 -

Administrative History

Organizational Charts

Chart 29: 08-04-1969 to early 1970

Note that the two Service Centers were combined into a Denver Service Center which was located in the Villa Rosa Shopping Center, Denver, Colorado. There was also a reshuffling of functions reporting to the Associate Directors as compared to earlier organizations.

Frank F. Kowski and Berta Ulibari
Regional Director Frank F. Kowski and his secretary, Berta Ulibari. Mr. Kowski had a long and varied career with the Service. Much of his career was spent in training future employees. He was the first Supervisor of the Albright Training Center and was responsible for its construction and its curriculum.

Organizational Chart


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