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Organizational Structures of the NPS 1917 to 1985



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Organizational Structure of the National Park Service
- 1917 to 1985 -

Administrative History

Organizational Charts

Chart 23: 09-10-1954 to 10-01-1956

Forestry as a function disappears and in its place there is a Branch of Conservation and Protection recognizing the uniformed ranger. It was during this period that organizational approval changed from the Bureau to the Department. Hawaii National Park reported directly to the Director for a period of 3 months due to a problem or problems that required the Director's intervention. It was in this period that Mr. Vint consolidated his influence over design, construction and planning with the establishment of two design offices, one in San Francisco, California, and the other in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, effectively removing the functions from the Regional Offices.

The Chiefs
The "Chiefs" in late 1956. Seated L to R: E. Scoyen, Associate Director; Lawrence Merriam, Regional Director, Region IV, San Francisco, California; Director Wirth; T. Allen, Assistant Director, Operations; Hillory Tolson, Assistant Director, Administration; Tom Vint, Chief, Design & Construction. Standing L to R: Howard Baker, Regional Director, Region II, Omaha, Nebraska; Elbert Cox, Regional Director, Region I, Richmond, Virginia; Hugh Miller, Regional Director, Region III, Santa Fe, New Mexico; Daniel J. Tobin; Ronald F. Lee, Assistant Director, Interpretation; Ben Thompson, Chief, Cooperative Activities; Sanford (Red) Hill, Chief, Western Office of Design & Construction; Edward Zimmer, Chief, Eastern Office of Design & Construction.

Organizational Chart


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