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Organizational Structures of the NPS 1917 to 1985



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Organizational Structure of the National Park Service
- 1917 to 1985 -

Administrative History


With this type of publication an epilogue is not called for, nor is it a literary necessity; however, a concluding remark or two does seem appropriate. For those of us who have spent most of our adult lives with the organization it is a living, breathing way of life in which people play an important part. The ebb and flow of the organization is and has been directly related to the Directors and the people in positions of influence. Although what you have seen on the preceeding 134 pages does bear this out, it is only a start toward placing people in perspective to the organization. As the document developed, a number of additional items or points became apparent. A great deal of the documentation available was "after the fact," leading to a conclusion that Directors tried organizations and if they were found to work they were formally established. Organizational recordkeeping over the years has been somewhat lax or disjointed at best, which would lead one to the conclusion that as an organization we have relied on the "old hands" to be the keepers of the institutional or organizational memory. Photographs of people are difficult to come by, and identification of people in group photographs is almost a lost art. Harpers Ferry Center and its Springfield, Virginia, office do an outstanding job in finding pictures. What would help them or any other Service photograph repository is clear definition of time, place, or person(s) identification of every item sent to them.

This work should be viewed as a start, not a finished product. Hopefully, readers can add names, thoughts and photographs that will add to what is already here. If anyone can add to the material, I am sure future historians would be pleased.

Russ Olsen



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