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Organizational Structures of the NPS 1917 to 1985



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Organizational Structure of the National Park Service
- 1917 to 1985 -

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The following review of the organizational structure of the National Park Service from 1917 to 1985 looks at each Director's organizations and attempts to relate them to the attributes and thrusts of the eleven individuals who have been Director. It was not meant to be a scholarly study by any means -- I would leave that to the historians. It was an outgrowth of an attempt to update the Washington Office list of "key" officials over the years for a publication that Harold Danz of the Rocky Mountain Region was working on. The background material was not available in one location, it was in many locations, not all of which were within the National Park Service. Unfortunately, something of this nature is never perfect. I would have preferred to have names in all the blocks, but records and memories could not come up with them. Perhaps as more see this document, it will elicit additions. Like any other project of this nature it involved many people. Terry Tesar, of the Administrative Services Division, who did a great deal of the collection of materials; Dave Nathanson and Tom DuRant, of Harpers Ferry Center, who provided materials from the National Park Service history collection; Ed Bearss and Barry Mackintosh, of the History Division, who were supportive and put up with reviewing the many drafts; retirees Howard Baker, George Palmer, and Herb Kahler, who reviewed in depth; Harold Danz, who started it all and who reviewed and commented; and the many others who offered comments, advice and encouragement; Jerry Buckbinder and Karl Esser, of the Administrative Services Division, who arranged for final drafting and typesetting; my own staff for putting up with me; and last but not least, Pat Moffat, my secretary, who typed the manuscript. To each my thanks.

Russ Olsen
September 1985


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