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NOTE: Most of the research for this historic resource study is based on twenty-six years of fieldwork on the Mormon Pioneer National Historic Trail and research in the Mormon archives. The notes and bibliography are mainly to guide readers to further information.

Furthermore, since between Fort Laramie and Fort Bridger in present Wyoming (a distance of about 397 miles), the Mormon, Oregon, California, and Pony Express trails are nearly identical, some selected studies of the Oregon, California, and Pony Express trails are listed in this bibliography. A few studies of the Santa Fe Trail, used by the Mormon Battalion, are also listed.

This bibliography lists but a few of the more than 3,000 printed and unprinted contemporary Mormon Trail accounts. For access to these Mormon and also the more than 2,000 non-Mormon Trail chronicles, see the works by Bitton, Mattes, Mintz, and Townley in this bibliography. This bibliography is largely restricted to the Mormon Pioneer National Historic Trail, the route of the pioneers of 1846-1847 between Nauvoo, Illinois, and Salt Lake City, Utah, for the period 1846-1869. Mormons used many other trails not covered, or only briefly treated, in this bibliography.


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________. Maps of the Santa Fe Trail. St. Louis: The Patrice Press, 1989. As good as the maps of the Oregon Trail.

List of Selected Maps of States and Territories. Washington: The National Archives, Special List No, 29, 1971.

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A serious student of emigrant trails should use county maps and USGS 7.5 minute quadrangle maps. Very serious students should also consult the appropriate General Land Office Notes and maps. (It is worth remembering that the original surveyor did not prepare the maps; others did that on the basis of his notes.)

See also "Trail Guides" and "Government Publications." Almost all states publish historical atlases.


Arrington, Leonard J. Brigham Young: American Moses. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1985. A superior biography.

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See also "Multiple Trails," "Trail Guides," "Iowa," "Nebraska," "Utah," and "Government Publications."


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See also "Iowa."


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See also "Multiple Trails," "Trail Guides," "Atlases/Maps," and "Government Publications."


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See also "Multiple Trails."


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See also "Multiple Trails."


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See also "Trail Guides" and "Atlases/Maps."


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See also "Zion's Camp Trail."


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See also "Handcarts" and "Multiple Trails."


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See also "Mormon Trail General," "Oregon Trail," and "Multiple Trails."


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