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Chapter One,
The Battle of Moores Creek Bridge

Chapter Two,
Preservation and Development of the Moores Creek Battleground Prior to NPS Control

Chapter Three,
Planning and Development at Moores Creek

Chapter Four,
Interpretation and Visitor Services

Chapter Five,
Resources Management and Protection at Moores Creek


Appendix One,
A Chronology for Moores Creek NMP/NB

Appendix Two,
Moores Creek MNP/NB Superintendents

Appendix Three,
Moores Creek NMP/NB Annual

Appendix Four,
Acts and Resolutions of the North Carolina General Assembly

Appendix Five,
Federal Legislation

Chapter 1 Notes

Chapter 2 Notes

Chapter 3 Notes

Chapter 4 Notes

Chapter 5 Notes

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Moores Creek National Battlefield:
An Administrative History
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We are please to make available this administrative history, part of ongoing effort to provide a comprehensive account of the development of each National Park Service unit in the Southeast Region. The original draft of this report was researched and written in 1994 by Michael Capps, then a historian in the Southeast Regional Office. The draft was revised and updated in 1998 by Steven Davis, historian with Cultural Resources Stewardship, Southeast Regional Office. Project supervision was provided by John Barrett, chief of planning and compliance for Cultural Resources Stewardship. Many other individuals and institutions contributed to the completion of this work. We would particularly like to thank Moores Creek National Battlefield Superintendent Ann Childress, former Superintendents John Stockert and Robert Davidson, Administrative Officer Hattie Squires, National Park Service Historian Barry Mackintosh, and Professor Lary Dilsaver of the University of South Alabama for their assistance. We hope that this administrative history will prove valuable to park managers and others in understanding the past development of Moores Creek National Battlefield and in planning future activities.

Kirk A. Cordell
Chief, Cultural Resources Stewardship
Southeast Regional Office
June 1999

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