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Chapter One,
The Battle of Moores Creek Bridge

Chapter Two,
Preservation and Development of the Moores Creek Battleground Prior to NPS Control

Chapter Three,
Planning and Development at Moores Creek

Chapter Four,
Interpretation and Visitor Services

Chapter Five,
Resources Management and Protection at Moores Creek


Appendix One,
A Chronology for Moores Creek NMP/NB

Appendix Two,
Moores Creek MNP/NB Superintendents

Appendix Three,
Moores Creek NMP/NB Annual

Appendix Four,
Acts and Resolutions of the North Carolina General Assembly

Appendix Five,
Federal Legislation

Chapter 1 Notes

Chapter 2 Notes

Chapter 3 Notes

Chapter 4 Notes

Chapter 5 Notes

List of Figures


Moores Creek National Battlefield:
An Administrative History
Appendix 4
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An act for the purchase of Moores Creek Battleground
     Ratified March 9, 1897

An act to incorporate the Moores Creek Monumental Association
Ratified March 7, 1899

An act to prevent felling of trees in Moores Creek, Pender County
     Ratified February 4, 1905

An act to appropriate and consolidate the annual appropriation of the Moores Creek Monumental Association
     Ratified March 2, 1905

An act to empower the Moores Creek Monumental Association to preserve order and to protect persons and premises
     Ratified February 1907

An act to make appropriations for State Institutions
     Ratified March 11, 1907

An act to amend Chapter 262 of the Public Laws of 1907, increasing the annual appropriation to the Moores Creek Battleground Association from $500 to $1,000
     Ratified August 23, 1924

An act authorizing the granting of title by the State of North Carolina to Moores Creek Battlefield, Pender County, North Carolina, to the Government of the United States
     Ratified February 21, 1925

Resolution 31 calling attention of Congress to the significance of the Battle of Moores Creek Bridge in the War of the American Revolution, and requesting that Moores Creek battleground be erected and maintained by the Federal Government as a national park
     Ratified February 27, 1925

An act to make an act of the General Assembly of 1925 authorizing the grant of title to the U. S. Government to Moores Creek battlefield in accordance with the requirements of said Government
     Ratified February 26, 1927

An act to create a commission for the purpose of acquiring certain property adjoining the Moores Creek National Military Park, in Pender County, and appropriating $500 therefor
     Ratified April 5, 1947

An act to authorize the governor, with the approval of Council of State to convey to the United States of America, a tract of land purchased for Moores Creek National Military Park
     Ratified March 27, 1951

An act to appropriate funds for the purchase of additional land at Moores Creek National Military Park
     Ratified June 30, 1969

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