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Section III — Peace Movement, Nuclear Disarmament, and the Future

Chapter 1:
Opposition to Nuclear Armament (late 1950s—90s) (continued)
Peace March
Plate 72. Peace March in Peetz, Colorado, Good Friday 1988. Nukewatch founder Sam Day (left) is holding the banner (Courtesy of Nukewatch, photograph by Peetz News Weekly)

Spring Equinox Vigil
Plate 73. Spring Equinox Vigil, 1988. Banner reads, "U.S. Air Force: Good People Bad Product" (Courtesy of Nukewatch, photograph by John LaForge)

Word War II munitions bunkers
Plate 74. Word War II munitions bunkers now used to store farm produce and equipment, near Bronson, Nebraska, 1988 (Courtesy of Nukewatch, photograph by Barb Katt)

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