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Hopewell Village represents one phase of the highly interesting story of the ironmaking industry in America.

The Saugus Ironworks Restoration, Saugus, Mass., sponsored by the iron and steel industry and the First Iron Works Association, Inc., commemorates the "birth" of the industry in this country.

Cornwall Furnace, located on State Route 322 southeast of Lebanon, Pa., depicts some of the improved methods of ironmaking that were not incorporated in the operation at Hopewell Furnace. Significant of the 1857 period, Cornwall Furnace is administered by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission.

Pretentious though it was by comparison with the homes of the workers, the Big House was often modest beside the townhouses maintained by many of the ironmasters. A splendid example of the magnificence in which these artisans indulged is Pottsgrove Manor, the townhouse of John Potts, located on State Route 422 at the west end of Pottstown, Pa., also administered by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission.

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A six-plate Hopewell stove.

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