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National Monument and Historic Shrine
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A field piece of the War of 1812 period.


The five buildings in the fort proper are now used principally for museum purposes. They are designated by the letters A to E, beginning at the right of the entrance inside the fort. In 1936, the National Society of the Daughters of 1812 gave a collection of replicas of old furniture such as were probably used in the commanding officer's headquarters. This furniture is on display in Building A, which served as headquarters building during the bombardment of 1814. In 1935, the E. Berkley Bowie Collection of weapons, consisting of about 400 pieces, was donated to the fort by the Maryland Society of 1812. This collection is housed on the first floor of Building D. In the same building, on the second floor, are a collection of antique furniture, a number of original flags, and exhibit material on the composition and subsequent history of "The Star-Spangled Banner."

In 1939, a successful campaign was launched to purchase for the fort the painting, "'Tis the Star-Spangled Banner." The painting now hangs upstairs in Building E, where it is the central feature of the Star-Spangled Banner Room. On the same floor is the Armistead Exhibit, featuring original letters to that gallant soldier. Downstairs in the same building is located a large relief map showing the position of the British Fleet during the bombardment in relation to Fort McHenry and Baltimore. Other exhibits and relics are located in Buildings D and E.


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