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Miniature of Ford's Theatre

One of the outstanding attractions in the Lincoln Museum is the diorama depicting the scene of the assassination, It has been placed at the center of the stage as outlined on the floor. Since only the walls of the original building remain, the diorama will enable you to visualize the appearance of Ford's Theatre at that time. The model was constructed in proper perspective from information secured from contemporary sketches, photographs, and historical research.

Special Collections

In the central aisle of the Museum are table cases devoted to special collections of objects pertaining to Lincoln. In one of the table cases there are several pieces of Haviland chinaware of the State Dining Room set used at the White House during Lincoln's administration. Each piece has a wide border of Solferino purple, outlined in gold, beaded edges, and the United States Coat-of-Arms on the side or at the center.

A table case is also devoted to a collection of Lincoln medals, coins, and Civil War paper money. Many of these items are rare and were acquired by Osborn H. Oldroyd over a long period. A Lincoln stamp collection, presented in 1948 by the Philatelic Group of the New World Club, New York, occupies one end of the case.

Another table case contains the boots worn by Lincoln on the night of the assassination. William T. Clark, who then occupied the room in which Lincoln died, retained the boots and later gave them to Justin H. Hatch, of Lynn, Mass. His granddaughter, Miss Ruth Hatch, presented them to the Lincoln Museum in May 1947. Plaster casts of the hands and life mask of Lincoln, the originals of which were made by Leonard Volk, of Chicago, in 1860, are also placed in this case, A copy of Volk's head of Lincoln, in plaster, which followed the life mask, is placed beside the mask.


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