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Lincoln's Life as Depicted in the Museum Exhibits

More than 800 photographs and objects with adequate labels are arranged chronologically throughout the Museum to describe the story of Lincoln's life, Beginning with the large cases on the left (north) after entering, the visitor, as he proceeds from alcove to alcove, may view in proper sequence the exhibits covering the major episodes in the life of the Great Emancipator. The large captions in red letters at the top of each panel identify the period of his life to which the exhibit pertains. The quotations in smaller letters beneath, taken largely from the writings of Lincoln, summarize and give emphasis to the theme as it is developed. These captions, together with the appropriate photographs and articles relating to the exhibit, enable the visitor to select the subject matter of each case in which he is interested.

Although most of the material in the Museum is pictorial, there are some original objects and documents as well as photostats of originals among the exhibits. Several pieces of furniture associated with the early life of Lincoln, his law practice, and his home in Springfield are arranged along the north wall.


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