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  a. Blazing Trails in West Texas, 1849

  b. Upper and Lower Roads

  c. Founding of Fort Davis

  d. First Fort, 1854-61

  e. Guarding the El Paso Road

  f. Stagecoaching on the Lower Road

  g. Father of the Signal Corps

  h. Camels at Fort Davis

  i. Confederate Interlude

  i. Dress Blues

  k. A New Fort

  l. Buffalo Soldiers

  m. Garrison of Fort Davis, 1867-81

  n. Life at Fort Davis

  o. The Apaches

  p. Field Operations, 1867-79

  q. Medicine Men

  r. Victorio Brings a New Challenge

  s. Disarming the Agency Indians

  t. The Fight at Quitman Canyon

  u. The Battle at Rattlesnake Springs

  v. Victorio's Last Stand

  w. Noncommissioned Officers

  x. Peace Comes to West Texas

  y. Fort Davis Today

  z. About Your Visit

  aa. Administration

  ab. America's Natural Resources

  ac. Related Areas

  ad. Appendix 1—Commanding Officers of Fort Davis

  ae. Appendix 2—Regiments Serving at Fort Davis


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Historical Handbook Number Thirty-Eight

This publication is one of a series of handbooks describing the historical and archeological areas in the National Park System administered by the National Park Service of the United States Department of the Interior. It is printed by the Government Printing Office and may be purchased from the Superintendent of Documents, Washington 25, D.C. Price 30 cents

NPS seal The National Park System, of which Fort Davis National Historic Site is a unit, is dedicated to conserving the scenic, scientific, and historic heritage of the United States for the benefit and inspiration of its people.


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