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Appendix 2—Regiments Serving at Fort Davis, 1854-91

1st U.S. Infantry (1881-82)
5th U.S. Infantry (1888-91)
8th U.S. Infantry (1854-62)
16th U.S. Infantry (1881, 1882-85, 1886-88)
19th U.S. Infantry (1889)
23d U.S. Infantry (1890-91)
24th U.S. Infantry (1869-72, 1880)
25th U.S. Infantry (1870-80)
41st U.S. Infantry (1868-69)1
3d U.S. Cavalry (1885-87, 1890-91)
8th U.S. Cavalry (1887-88)
9th U.S. Cavalry (1867-75)
10th U.S. Cavalry (1875-85)
2d Texas Mounted Rifles, C.S.A. (1861-62)
1The 41st Infantry was consolidated Nov. 11, 1869, with the 38th Infantry to form the 24th Infantry.

Fort Davis officers
Officers of Fort Davis in June 1887. At far left is Capt. Daniel H. Appel, post surgeon, and at far right is Brant C. Hammond, chaplain. The post commander, Lt. Col. David R. Clendenin, 3d Cavalry, is seated second from right.
Estate of David S. Simmons

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