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commanding officer's quarters
Shorn of its earlier dignity, the commanding officer's quarters presented this view in 1960.

America's Natural Resources

CREATED IN 1849, THE DEPARTMENT of the Interior—America's Department of Natural Resources—is concerned with the management, conservation, and development of the Nation's water, wildlife, mineral, forest, and park and recreational resources. It also has major responsibilities for Indian and territorial affairs.

As the Nation's principal conservation agency, the Department works to assure that nonrenewable resources are developed and used wisely, that park and recreational resources are conserved, and that renewable resources make their full contribution to the progress, prosperity, and security of the United States—now and in the future.

Officers' Row
Officers' Row as it appeared after restoration by the National Park Service in 1963.

Related Areas

INCLUDED IN THE NATIONAL PARK SYSTEM are other important areas connected with various periods of American history. In addition to Fort Davis National Historic Site, those commemorating related phases of western history are Fort Union National Monument, N. Mex.; Jefferson National Expansion Memorial National Historic Site, St. Louis, Mo.; Homestead and Scotts Bluff National Monuments, Nebr.; Fort Laramie National Historic Site, Wyo.; Bent's Old Fort National Historic Site, Colo.; Fort Smith National Historic Site, Ark.; Custer Battlefield National Monument and Big Hole National Battlefield, Mont.; Whitman Mission and Fort Vancouver National Historic Sites, Wash.; McLoughlin House National Historic Site and Fort Clatsop National Memorial, Oreg.; Lava Beds National Monument, Calif.; and Pipe Spring National Monument, Ariz.

workman shoring up weak wall of adobe barracks
The adobe barracks were among the first buildings to require attention when the National Park Service's rehabilitation program began in 1963. Here a workman shores a weak wall.


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