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Glossary of Spanish and Indian Words

Caldera(cahl-DEHR-ah)Spanish Caldron—a volcano that has collapsed upon itself.
Canada(cahn-YAH-dah)Spanish Wide shallow canyon.
Chaco(CHAH-coh)Unknown A canyon in northwestern New Mexico.
Cochiti(COH-chee-tee)Indian A pueblo south of Bandelier.
Frijoles(free-HOH-less)Spanish Beans.
Hopi(HOH-pee)Indian A pueblo Indian tribe.
Jemez(HAY-mess)Indian A mountain range west of Bandelier and an Indian pueblo.
Kiva(KEE-vah)Indian Ceremonial chamber or room.
Mano(MAH-noh)Spanish Hand.
Mesa(MAY-sah)Spanish Table; hence, a tableland.
Metate(Meh-TAH-teh)Spanish from Aztec A large grinding stone.
Otowi(OH-toh-wee)Indian A ruin in Bandelier.
Pajarito(PAH-hah-REE-toh)Spanish Little bird. The plateau between Jemez Mountains and the Rio Grande.
Pueblo(Pooh-EB-loh)Spanish Village or people.
Rio, Rito(REE-oh) (REE-toh)Spanish River, creek.
San Ildefonso(San ILL-de-FON-soh)Spanish A pueblo near Bandelier.
San Juan(san WHAHN)Spanish A river and a pueblo.
Tyuonyi(tchew-OWN-yee)Indian A ruin in Frijoles Canyon.
Valle Grande(VAH-yeh GRAHN-deh)Spanish Great Valley.
Viga(VEE-gah)Spanish Roofbeam.

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