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I. Officers of the 7th Cavalry at the Battle of the Little Bighorn.

(Asterisks mark those killed in action.)

*Lt. Col. George A. Custer, commanding
Maj. Marcus A. Reno
* 1st Lt. William W. Cooke, adjutant
*Assistant Surgeon George E. Lord
*Acting Assistant Surgeon J. M. DeWolf
Acting Assistant Surgeon Henry R. Porter
A Capt. Myles Moylan; 1st Lt. Charles C. DeRudio; 2d Lt.
Charles A. Varnum (detached to command Indian scouts).
B Capt. Thomas M. McDougall; *2d Lt. Benjamin H. Hodgson (detached as adjutant to Major Reno).
C *Capt. Thomas W. Custer; *2d Lt. Henry M. Harrington.
D Capt. Thomas B. Weir; 2d Lt. Winfseld S. Edgerly.
E *1st Lt. Algernon E. Smith; *2d Lt.James G. Sturgis.
F *Capt. George W. Yates; *2d Lt. William Van W. Reily.
G *1st Lt. Donald McIntosh; 2d Lt. George D. Wallace.
H Capt. Frederick W. Benteen; 1st Lt. Francis M. Gibson.
I *Capt. Myles W. Keogh; *2d Lt. James E. Porter.
K 1st Lt. Edward S. Godfrey; 2d Lt. Luther R. Hare (detached with Indian scouts).
L *1st Lt. James Calhoun; *2d Lt. John J. Crittenden (20th Infantry attached to 7th Calvary temporarily).
M Capt. Thomas H. French; 1st Lt. Edward G. Mathey (detached to command packtrain).


*Boston Custer, brother of General Custer
*Harry Armstrong Reed, nephew of General Custer
*Mark Kellogg, reporter for Bismarck Tribune
*Frank C. Mann, chief packer
*Charley Reynolds, chief scout
*Isaiah Dorman, Negro, Indian interpreter
*Mitch Bouyer, mixed-blood scout
Fred Gerard, interpreter


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