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National Historical Park
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How to Reach the Park

Independence National Historical Park is located in the old, or eastern, section of downtown Philadelphia. It may be reached by automobile via Chestnut, Market, or Vine Streets, by the Market Street subway, and by several trolley and bus lines. As a large transportation center, Philadelphia is served by an extensive system of major highways, railroads, and airlines.

About Your Visit

The Independence Hall group of buildings is open daily from 8:45 a. m. to 5:15 p. m. For other buildings in the area, see "Guide to the Area." Exhibits relating to the history of the park are on display in the several historic buildings. Free literature and other sales publications are available in the Information Centers in the west and east wings of Independence Hall. Services of historians and other personnel are available. Organizations and groups are given special service if arrangements are made in advance with the superintendent.


Since January 1, 1951, the Independence Hall group of buildings has been administered by the National Park Service of the United States Department of the Interior as a part of Independence National Historical Park. Under the terms of a cooperative agreement made in 1950 between the City of Philadelphia and the Department of the Interior, the National Park Service assumed the administration and maintenance of the buildings and Independence Square, with the City retaining ownership of the property. Also under National Park Service administration are the Deshler-Morris House in Germantown, as well as those properties within the park which have been acquired by the Federal Government. All inquiries concerning the area should be addressed to the Superintendent, Independence National Historical Park, Old Custom House, 420 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia 6, Pa.

Related Areas

Independence National Historical Park is one of the several areas of the National Park System representing the Revolutionary and early Federal periods in American history. Others are: Colonial National Historical Park, Va.; Federal Hall National Memorial, N. Y.; Guilford Courthouse National Military Park, N. C.; Hopewell Village National Historic Site, Pa.; Kings Mountain National Military Park, S. C.; Moores Creek National Military Park, N. C.; Morristown National Historical Park, N. J.; and Saratoga National Historical Park, N. Y.


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