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Appendix 1


Charles Earl Cornwallis Lieutenant General [of his Brita]nnick Majesty's Forces.______________

Do acknowledge myself a Prisoner of War to the [United] States of America, & having permission from His [Excellen]cy General Washington, agreeable to Capitulation, to proceed to New York & Charlestown, or either, & to Europe.

Do pledge my Faith & Word of Honor, that I will not do or say any thing injurious to the said United States or Armies thereof, or their Allies, untill duly exchanged; I do further promise that Whenever required, by the Commander in Chief of the American Army, or the Commissary of Prisoners for the same, I will repair to such place or places as they or either of them may require.______________

GIVEN under my Hand at York Town 28th day of October 1781__________


1In the Virginia State Library.


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