The Hoover Houses and Community Structures
Historic Structures Report
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A. Name and Number of Structures

The Downey Street Bridges. A succession of structures carried vehicular and pedestrian traffic across the West Branch of the Wapsinonoc from the 1860s until 1937.

B. Proposed Use of Structures

It is proposed to reconstruct two period bridges across the West Branch of the Wapsinonoc. One will be for pedestrians and the other for vehicles.

C. Justification for Such Use as Shown on the Master Plan

The Perkins & Will Master Plan proposes to restore the core area of Herbert Hoover National Historic Site to the appearance of a typical eastern Iowa village of the 1880s. The present concrete bridge on south Downey Street was built in 1916-17, and is out of character with the scene the Service proposes to recreate.

D. Provision for Operating Structures

The reconstructed bridges will constitute part of the historic scene and will be used by visitors and park maintenance vehicles in crossing the Wapsinonoc.

E. Cooperative Agreement, if any Executed or Proposed for Operating Structures

No cooperative agreement is anticipated.

F. Brief Description of Proposed Construction Activity

Before the restoration architects prepare their working drawings for reconstruction of the two bridges, the Park staff must supply the Service Center with a plat of the position of the pilings of the historic bridges. These pilings are still visible.

In preparing the specifications and drawings, the restoration architects should examine two extant West Branch bridges. One of these, still in use, carries College Street across the Wapsinonoc and the other, no longer in use, is located east of the railroad and south of Water Street.

After drawings and specifications have been prepared and the concrete bridge removed, the south Downey Street bridges will be reconstructed.

G. Estimate of Cost of Proposed Construction


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Last Updated: 28-Jul-2006