The Hoover Houses and Community Structures
Historic Structures Report
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A. Name of Structure

The West Branch Bandstand. This structure stood during the years 1895-1912 in the southwest quadrant of the intersection of Main and Downey streets.

B. Proposed Use of Structure

After the Bandstand is reconstructed, management will encourage groups to use the structure for concerts. The Bandstand will become an effective and popular tool in the Park's interpretive program.

C. Justification for Reconstruction

Although the Bandstand was built in 1895, ten years after Herbert Hoover left West Branch to live with his uncle and aunt in Newburg, Oregon, it was intimately identified with his hometown for 17 years. The Saturday evening concerts by the Cornet Band and its successors were the most popular form of local entertainment for more than 60 years. Most midwestern towns, during this era, had bandstands. But with changes in the social and economic life of these communities, these structures have been demolished and the Saturday evening concerts abandoned.

If the Service is to restore the core-area of Herbert Hoover National Historic Site to the appearance of a typical midwestern village of the late nineteenth century, the Bandstand should be reconstructed. Photographs included in this report insure that the subject reconstruction will be authentic.

An effort should be made by management to secure permission from the City Council to reconstruct the Bandstand on its historic site. If this is impossible, the reconstructed Bandstand must be located on Park land adjacent to the point, where the Downey Street trace intersects Wetherell Street. This will place it in the same relative position as the historic structure, but one block farther south.

D. Provision for Operating Structure

The reconstructed Bandstand will constitute an exhibit in place and will be used for band concerts, as part of the Service's interpretive program.

E. Cooperative Agreement, if any Executed or Proposed for Operating Structure

An agreement with the city should be negotiated to permit reconstruction of the Bandstand on its historic site. If this is impossible and the Bandstand is reconstructed on Park property, no cooperative agreement will be necessary.

F. Brief Description of Proposed Construction Activity

Utilizing the documentary materials, restoration architects will prepare plans and specifications for the reconstruction of the Bandstand. The Bandstand will then be reconstructed and the village pump positioned.

G. Estimate of Cost of Proposed Construction


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Last Updated: 28-Jul-2006