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The Grand Teton Natural History Association takes pleasure in making available this booklet which is devoted to a few of the fascinating historical tales of the Jackson Hole Country. Here, for the first time, have been gathered together these stories of the colorful past of the region—a past rich in the folklore and romance of the West.

Here too, for the first time, is a source booklet of stories suitable for telling in the magic, flickering light of the campfire. These are tales which have been told around the campfires in Jackson Hole. They are a partial basis for understanding the history of the region.

On every hand there is interest in history. There is an ever increasing attention to the American background in history and folklore. A great many of the interesting stories of the Jackson Hole region have been lost, but some have survived. A few have come down to us by word of mouth from old timers, others have come from official reports, some from the press, from diaries and from old letters.

That these tales of the past are available is remarkable. Few of the mountain men, trappers, prospectors and wanderers who came into the country in the early 1800's were inclined to write very much. Indeed, they were occupied with the important task of preserving life and limb a great deal of the time.

The references used in preparing the articles which deal with the period of the Western Fur Trade will provide hours of entertainment for the reader who may wish to pursue the subject further. No other era in America's past has captured the fancy and imagination of our people quite so well.

I hope you will find "Campfire Tales" a valuable aid in enhancing your interest and knowledge of the human history of this region.

HARTHON L. BILL, Superintendent
Grand Teton National Park


Campfire Tales of Jackson Hole
©1960, Grant Teton Natural History Association

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