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Geology of the South Unit, Theodore Roosevelt National Memorial Park



Location of the Park

Reason for this Report



   Stratigraphy of the Bed Rock
   Psysiographic History of the Little Missouri River
   How the Badlands are Formed
   Unusual Geologic Features of the Park
      "Scoria" or Clinker
      Petrified Trees
      Sandstone Concretions

Road Log Through the Park


Plate 1 Map of the Park area.

Figure 1 Geologic time chart.

Figure 2 Sketch map showing old Pleistocene valleys in western North Dakota.

Figure 3 Diagram showing various terrace levels along the Little Missouri River in the South Roosevelt Park area.

Figure 4 Gravels and silts deposited on the No. 4 terrace level near Medora airport.

Figure 5 View to the Southeast from Big Plateau showing the No. 4 terrace and the No. 3 terrace level.

Figure 6 View just south of the Park Headquarters near the picnic area showing the No. 2 and the No. 1 terrace level.

Figure 7 Stump zone in Petrified Forest area of South Roosevelt Park.

Figure 8 Petrified Sequoia stump in the Petrified Forest area in the northwestern part of South Roosevelt Park.

Figure 9 Petrified log located in the north-central part of the South Roosevelt Park.

Figure 10 Little Missouri North of Medora showing its carving action on butte leaving steep sided walls.

Figure 11 Old Valley formed by Little Missouri or a Tributary.

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