USGS Logo Geological Survey 8th Annual Report (Part I)
Geology of the Lassen Peak District





General hypsographic features
Hypsography of the Lassen Peak district


Geologic formations in the Lassen Peak district
   Auriferous slate series
      Carboniferous limestone
      Age of the auriferous slate series
   Cretaceous—Chico beds
      Age of the fossils
      Upper and lower limits
      Geography of the district during the Chico epoch
      Composition of the Miocene strata
      Distribution and relations
      Fossils found in the Miocene strata
      Hypsographic and climatic conditions during the Miocene
      Upheaval of the Piedmont region
   Structure of the Sierras
   Relation of the uplifting and the faulting of the Sierra to each other and to volcanic phenomena




XLV. Hypsographic divisions of Lassen Peak district
XLVI. Transverse profile of Lassen Peak volcanic ridge across Crater Mount, as seen from Hat Creek at an elevation of 6,000 feet, looking northwest
XLVII. Geologic map of Lassen Peak district
XLVIII. Cañon of Little Dry Creek
XLIX. View from the Sacramento Valley across the Piedmont region to the Lassen Peak volcanic ridge
L. Showing the relation between the younger and older cañons of Mill Creek, 5 miles east of Tehama
LI. Hough Peak, looking south across western portion of Indian Valley


13. Position and boundaries of the Lassen Peak district
14. Profile from the Sacramento Valley across the Piedmont of Lassen Peak into the Great Basin
15. Geography of northern California during the Chico epoch
16. Section of auriferous gravel at Deer Creek mines
17. Mill Creek Ca7ntilde;on, 20 miles east of Tehama; depth, 1,000 feet
18. Section of Piedmont monocline near gate of Antelope Creek
19. Section from Honey Lake to Sacramento Valley

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