Logo Mississippi State Geological Survey Bulletin 28
The Geologic History of the Vicksburg National Military Park Area


Office of the Mississippi Geological Survey,
University, Mississippi, June 20, 1935

Dr. Alfred Hume, Chancellor
University, Mississippi

Dear Chancellor Hume:

I am transmitting herewith in final form for the printer the manuscript for Bulletin 28, long since approved by you in general outline, as it was written during the Christmas vacation. Like the material for Bulletins 26 and 27, it is based on a number of years of study, the subject having been presented to my classes in geology for more than fifteen years. It is the Geologic History of the Vicksburg National Military Park area, still another subject illustrating the absolute dependency of human affairs on geologic environment. It was written to acquaint the general reader with this most interesting fact and constitutes the first of a series of educational bulletins.

Very sincerely yours,

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