USGS Logo Geological Survey Bulletin 1327
The Geologic Story of Canyonlands National Park


My deep appreciation goes to Bates Wilson, former superintendent of Canyonlands National Park, and to Joe Carithers, former assistant superintendent, for their splendid cooperation in supplying data and information and for making available four-wheel-drive vehicles. I also wish to thank Chuck Budge, former chief ranger; Dave May, assistant chief ranger; Joe Miller, former maintenance engineer; Bob Kerr, new superintendent; Maxine Newell, park historian and member of the staff at Arches National Park; Jerry Banta, park ranger at Arches; and Dave Minor, district ranger for the Needles district, for their many favors.

I am grateful to several colleagues and friends for the loan of photographs, for geologic help and data, and for reviewing this report. I am also deeply grateful to my wife Ruth for accompanying me on all the field work and for her help and encouragement.

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Last Updated: 28-Dec-2006