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Survey of Historic Sites and Buildings

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Founders and Frontiersmen
Survey of Historic Sites and Buildings

FIVE CATEGORIES of historic sites are described and listed in the following pages: First are units of the National Park System; second, National Historic Sites in non-Federal ownership; third, sites eligible for the Registry of National Historic Landmarks; fourth, historic districts eligible for the Registry; and fifth, sites of sufficient importance to merit attention but not considered nationally significant when measured by the criteria. The sites are listed, within these categories, alphabetically by States.

Many sites are listed on the National Register of Historic Places, maintained by the National Park Service's Office of Archeology and Historic Preservation. The register consists not only of sites in the National Park System and National Historic Landmarks but also those of State and local significance, nominated through appropriate channels by various States. It is published biennially and distributed by the Superintendent of Documents.

For the convenience of users of this volume, on the next page the sites and buildings are listed alphabetically by State. The following code indicates site categories:

Site Categories

National Park Service National Park System unit
National Historic Landmark National Historic Landmark
Other site Other Sites Considered

NOTE: The following descriptions indicate sites that are open to the public. Before visiting any of them, inquiry should be made to the owners or custodians concerning dates and hours of access and admission costs, usually nominal. Special permission should be obtained to visit privately owned sites. Web Edition Note: Since the publication of this document (1967) the status of some of these properties may have changed during the ensuing years. Where available, links are provided from each site to current Web pages that contain up-to-date information on these sites, including visitation information. While most of the sites are open to the public, some sites remain closed to visitation.

Founders and Frontiersmen: Historic Sites of National Significance (click on image for an enlargement in a new window)

National Survey of Historic Sites and Buildings

A Sites in the National Park System
B. National Historic Sites in Non-Federal Ownership
C. Sites Eligible for the Registry of National Historic Landmarks
D. Historic Districts Eligible for the Registry of National Historic Landmarks
E. Other Sites Considered

A. Sites in the National Park System

1. Horseshoe Bend National Military Park, Ala.
2. Natchez Trace Parkway, Ala.-Miss.-Tenn.

3. Fort Smith National Historic Site, Ark.

4. The White House, D.C.
5. Thomas Jefferson Memorial, D.C.
6. Washington Monument, D.C.

7. Fort San Carlos de Barrancas (Gulf Island National Seashore), Fla.

8. Fort Pulaski National Monument, Ga.

9. Joseph Bailly Homestead (Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore), Ind.

10. Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, Ky.-Tenn.-Va.

11. Chalmette National Historical Park, La.

12. Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine, Md.
13. Fort Washington Park, Md.

14. Adams National Historical Park, Mass.
15. Boston Naval Yard (Charlestown Navy Yard) (Boston National Historical Park), Mass.
16. Salem Maritime National Historic Site, Mass.
17. Springfield Armory National Historic Site, Mass.

18. Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, Mo.

19. Castle Clinton National Monument, N.Y.
20. Federal Hall National Memorial, N.Y.
21. Fort Stanwix National Monument, N.Y.
22. Governors Island National Monument (Castle Williams/Fort Jay), N.Y.
23. Hamilton Grange National Monument, N.Y.

24. Fallen Timbers Battlefield and Fort Miamis National Historic Site, Ohio
25. Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial National Monument, Ohio

26. Fort Necessity National Battlefield, Pa.
27. Friendship Hill National Historic Site, Pa.
28. Independence National Historical Park, Pa.

29. Fort Sumter National Monument, S.C.

30. Custis-Lee Mansion (Arlington House), Va.
31. George Washington Birthplace National Monument, Va.

32. Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, W. Va-Md.

B. National Historic Sites in Non-Federal Ownership

1. Chicago Portage National Historic Site, Ill.

C. Sites Eligible for the Registry of National Historic Landmarks (date of NHL designation noted)

1. Fort Morgan (Fort Bowyer Site), Ala. (NHL designation 12/19/60)
2. Fort Toulouse (Fort Jackson), Ala. (NHL designation 10/09/60)

3. Old State House, Conn. (NHL designation 12/19/60)

4. City Hall (District Court House), D.C. (NHL designation 12/19/60)
5. Decatur House, D.C. (NHL designation 12/19/60)
6. Octagon House, D.C. (NHL designation 12/19/60)
7. St. John's Episcopal Church, D.C. (NHL designation 12/19/60)
8. Tudor Place, D.C. (NHL designation 12/19/60)
9. United States Capitol, D.C. (NHL designation 12/19/60)

10. Plaza Ferdinand VII, Fla. (NHL designation 10/09/60)

11. Grouseland, Ind. (NHL designation 12/19/60)
12. Tippecanoe Battlefield, Ind. (NHL designation 10/09/60)

13. Fort Leavenworth, Kans. (NHL designation 12/19/60)

14. Ashland, Ky.

15. Fort Jesup, La. (NHL designation 07/04/61)
16. Jackson Square, La. (NHL designation 10/09/60)
17. The Cabildo, La. (NHL designation 10/09/60)

18. Casselman Bridge, National Road, Md. (NHL designation 01/29/64)
19. Maryland State House, Md. (NHL designation 12/19/60)
20. U.S.S. Constellation, Md. (NHL designation 05/23/63)

21. Massachusetts State House, Mass. (NHL designation 12/19/60)
22. U.S.S. Constitution, Mass. (NHL designation 12/19/60)

23. Mackinac Island, Mich. (NHL designation 10/09/60)

24. Fort Snelling, Minn. (NHL designation 12/19/60)

25. Fort Osage, Mo. (NHL designation 11/05/61)

26. Fort Atkinson, Nebr. (NHL designation 07/04/61)

27. City Hall, N.Y. (NHL designation 12/19/60)
28. Erie Canal (Remains), N.Y. (NHL designation 10/09/60)
29. Holland Land Office, N.Y. (NHL designation 10/09/60)
30. Plattsburgh (Cumberland) Bay, N.Y. (NHL designation 12/19/60)
31. United States Military Academy, N.Y. (NHL designation 12/19/60)
32. Watervliet Arsenal, N.Y. (NHL designation 11/13/66)

33. Reed Gold Mine, N.C. (NHL designation 05/23/66)

34. Beginning of the U.S. Public Land Survey, Ohio-Pa. (NHL designation 06/23/65)
35. S-Bridge, National Road, Ohio (NHL designation 01/29/64)

36. Fort Gibson, Okla. (NHL designation 12/19/60)

37. Forks of the Ohio, Pa. (NHL designation 10/09/60)
38. Fort Hill, S.C. (NHL designation 12/19/60

39. Blount Mansion, Tenn. (NHL designation 01/12/65)
40. The Hermitage, Tenn. (NHL designation 12/19/60)

41. Fort Monroe, Va. (NHL designation 12/19/60)
42. Gunston Hall, Va. (NHL designation 12/19/60)
43. John Marshall House, Va. (NHL designation 12/19/60)
44. Monticello, Va. (NHL designation 12/19/60)
45. Montpelier, Va. (NHL designation 12/19/60)
46. Mount Vernon, Va. (NHL designation 12/19/60)
47. Oak Hill, Va. (NHL designation 12/19/60)

48. Prairie du Chien, Wis.

D. Historic Districts Eligible for the Registry of National Historic Landmarks (date of NHL designation noted)

1. Vieux Carré, La. (NHL designation 12/21/65)

2. Colonial Annapolis, Md. (NHL designation 06/23/65)

E. Other Sites Considered (date of NHL designation noted)

1. Fort Confederation (Fort Tombigbee) Site, Ala.
2. Fort Mims Site, Ala.
3. McGillivray Plantation Site, Ala.

4. Boundary Stones, D.C.
5. Commandant's House, U.S. Marine Barracks, D.C.
6. Dolley Madison House, D.C.
7. Dumbarton House, D.C.
8. Dumbarton Oaks, D.C.
9. Navy Yard, D.C.

10. Panton, Leslie and Company Warehouse Site, Fla.
11. San Marcos de Apalache (Fort St. Marks), Fla. (NHL designation 11/13/66)

12. Fort Hawkins Site, Ga.
13. William H. Crawford Home Site, Ga.

14. Fort Harrison Site, Ind.
15. Fort Knox Site, Ind.
16. Fort Wayne, Ind.
17. Territorial Capitol Building, Ind.

18. William Whitley House (Sportsman's Hill), Ky.

19. Los Adaes, La. (NHL designation 06/23/86)

20. Fort Cumberland Site (lost site), Md.

21. Gore Place, Mass. (NHL designation 12/30/70)

22. Fort Shelby Site, Mich.

23. Ellicott's Hill, Miss.
24. Fort Nogales Site, Miss.

25. Nathan Boone's Home, Mo.

26. Daniel Webster Birthplace, N.H. (NHL designation 05/30/74)

28. Fort Hamilton, N.Y.
30. Fort Ontario, N.Y.
31. John Jay House, N.Y. (NHL designation 05/29/81)
32. Sackets Harbor, N.Y.

33. Fort Amanda Site, Ohio
34. Fort Meigs Site, Ohio (NHL designation 08/04/69)
35. Fort Recovery, Ohio
36. Greenville Treaty Site, Ohio
37. Marietta, Ohio

38. Fort Towson Site, Okla.

39. Daniel Boone Homestead, Pa.
40. Flagship Niagara Replica, Pa.
41. S-Bridge, National Road, Pa.

42. Rocky Mount, Tenn.

43. Aquia Creek Quarries, Va.
44. Ash Lawn, Va.
45. Fort Norfolk, Va.
46. James Monroe Law Office, Va. (NHL designation 11/13/66)
47. Shadwell, Va.
48. Woodlawn Plantation, Va. (NHL designation 08/05/98)

49. Blennerhassett Island, W. Va.

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